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Feds arrest ‘Scream’ bank robber on the Top Ten Most Wanted list

January 18, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Feds arrest ‘Scream’ bank robber on the Top Ten Most Wanted list

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The feds have nabbed a fugitive on the Top 10 Most Wanted list, who is now facing charges of assault, attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, and armed bank robbery.

The FBI in Denver said a SWAT team arrested 25-year-old Myloh Jaqory Mason, Friday evening at a Motel 6 in Thornton, Colorado, located north of Denver.

According to FBI spokesman Deborah Sherman, agents evacuated the motel and were prepared for a long stand off, believing that Mason was armed and dangerous.

Surprisingly, Mason exited the motel with his hands up and surrendered. The FBI did not make it immediately clear if they discovered weapons in his room.

The suspect has been placed on the FBI’s most wanted list for two armed bank robberies in September and Nov. of 2015. In the first bank heist, Mason and two other male suspects donned masks from the movie “Scream” to conceal their faces.

According to Sherman, the violent nature of Mason’s alleged crimes warranted his placement on the most wanted list because it “meet a very high threshold.”

The second heist saw the same crew headed by Mason rob another bank, then illegally entered a home, shot a man inside four times, before fleeing in his minivan.

The three suspects reportedly crashed the van and shot a woman while trying to carjack another vehicle. Both victims survived the gunshot wounds.

Authorities apprehended Mason’s cohorts Tyrone Richardson, 31, and Miguel Sanders, 28, back in November.

Mason now faces the additional charges of possessing a ballistic vest as a felon, though his public records do not specify the offense for which he served jail time in 2011.

Despite the reward of $100,000 for Mason’s capture, Sherman said Mason arrest was made because of effective police investigative work.

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