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Former History Channel Reality star charged with murder

January 19, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Former History Channel Reality star charged with murder

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Authorities have charged a former History Channel reality show star with murder after hunters discovered a body in Alabama.

Matthew Clay McDaniel, 33,  appeared on the show “Bamazon” that took construction workers from southern states to search for gold in South America.

Police arrested Mcdaniel, who left the show in January 2013, halfway through the season, after hunters discovered the bullet-riddled body of Norman Deon Crayton near the city of Dadeville.


The 33-year-old McDaniel participated in the short-lived History Channel series Bamazon, but left in the middle of the season.

Crayton died of multiple gunshot wounds; Investigators said he was last seen with McDaniel playing pool.

Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett said the investigation is in the early stages and are trying to discern a motive for the homicide.

After leaving the show, the ex-reality star went back to Alabama to work on his construction business

McDaniel was in custody on $250,000 bail as of Monday. He did not see any earnings from his fellow ‘Bamazonians’ discovery of gold, although they split only $17,000 from the precious metal.

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