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Ohio teacher to be charged with sending explicit text messages to student

January 20, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Ohio teacher to be charged with sending explicit text messages to student

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School officials in Ohio have suspended a substitute teacher amid pending criminal charges involving inappropriate behavior with a student.

According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Mary Breth, 25, of Sidney, who is a substitute teacher at Anna High School sent sexually explicit text messages and a revealing photo herself to a male student.

The Sheriff’s Office received two separate calls regarding information of a teacher at the school sending nude photos to an underage student.

In early January, the teacher and student were identified following an investigation by Shelby County Detective Chris Brown.

The text messages started in 2013, which at first, were flirtatious in nature. However, over time, the exchanges became more sexual in nature.

Investigators also discovered that in November 2015, Breth sent the student an inappropriate of herself wearing just underwear and with her arms covering her breasts.

Officials revealed that the underaged student was just 14-years-old when the texting first started.

A press release said Breth was being very cooperative and has given details to the investigator.

Police are expected to charge Breth with contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a child.

Frye said the prosecutor decided what charges Breth will face based on the evidence presented from the investigation.

“What determines the charges is the action committed by the teacher. She sent text messages with a photo. Although the text messages were very inappropriate and criminal in nature, the content she sent did not meet the elements of a sexual crime,” said Frye.

He added,” The prosecutor determined that the explicit images did not meet certain requirements for an enhanced charge. Although very inappropriate, they did not meet the requirements to be determined ‘nudity’ … no erogenous zones were shown,” he said.

He added that police based the case solely on the accounts of all the parties involved because the evidence had been destroyed.

“All we had to go on was the child, and his parents said and the confession of the teacher. If the teacher hadn’t confessed, we would probably not have enough evidence for a case at all. It would have been all hearsay and without evidence to prove the allegation we would not have had enough to charge her with,” Frye said.

The case will remain closed unless another child/student comes forward or with the discovery or the additional evidence.

Administrative action by the governing board of state teachers would determine if she lost her teaching license for this offense.

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