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Mexican govt. probing who paid for actors’ pricey charter flight to meet El Chapo in cash

January 22, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican govt. probing who paid for actors’ pricey charter flight to meet El Chapo in cash

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Mexican investigators are trying to determine who paid $32,884 in cash for the charter flights actors Sean Penn and Mexican and Kate del Castillo took to meet Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

The information is from the flight itinerary obtained by Fusion and was confirmed by Mexico’s civil aviation. It shows that on the day the meeting took place, Penn a chartered a flight out of Van Nuys, California to Guadalajara, Mexico for his party that included del Castillo and producers Jose Ibañez and Fernando Sulichin.

The Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez said her office were attempting to verify who funded the logistics for the Oct 2nd meeting at El Chapo’s secret hideout in the mountains of Durango.

What the travel document doesn’t make clear is who picked up the tab in cash. Penn has maintained that the trip was “self-financed.”

The Attorney General announced earlier this week the opening of “a new line of inquiry” into both actors’ involvement in the El Chapo soap opera.

Gomez told Mexican newspaper El Universal on Tuesday that her office is investigating whether any of the parties involved with the meeting with Guzman committed any crimes.

The inquiry is part of a broader investigation which includes allegations of money laundering stemming from possible business dealings involving the Mexican actress and Guzman.

Gomez said the investigators were trying to determine whether del Castillo received illicit funds as part of an investment into her tequila company and whether Guzman helped finance her planned biopic film on his life story.

Fusion’s Jorge Campos interviewed journalist Lydia Cacho, who met with del Castillo for an article about the meeting that reportedly helped authorities capture the elusive drug lord. She claimed the investigation by the Mexican government was part of a smear campaign against Kate del Castillo.

Penn denied any wrong-doing on CBS’ 60 Minutes and said that his interview had failed its objective to generate discussion about drug criminalization and legalization. Critics blasted Penn’s interview, claiming it put Guzman in a sympathetic light.

Both actors have not commented on the ongoing investigation by Mexican authorities.

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