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Mexican authorities spark controversey over questioning of lawmaker linked to El Chapo

January 23, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican authorities spark controversey over questioning of lawmaker linked to El Chapo

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Criticism is mounting over the questioning of a female state lawmaker by Mexican authorities regarding her relationship to imprisoned drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman because, as a member of the legislature, she enjoys political immunity from prosecution.

Federal officers with the Mexican Attorney General’s Office organized crime division (SEIDO) questioned Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez-Lopez for over 20 hours in Mexico City on Wednesday night.

Sanchez is a member of the legislature of the northwestern state of Sinaloa, which is the hometown of “Chapo” Guzman.

A court order required Sanchez to answer questions about her alleged relationship with the leader of the  Sinaloa cartel.

Authorities told Sanchez’s attorney Ruben Tamayo that his client is the subject of a federal investigation. The lawyer told reporters that she would be required to submit a sworn written statement.

The defense attorney said he was present throughout the questioning and that prosecutors treated his client in a respectful manner.

According to the respected Mexican newspaper Proceso, authorities are investigating Sanchez’s use of fake ID to visit Guzman at the Altiplano I maximum-security center before his July escape.

As JammedUp first reported back in July; Sanchez denied being the mistress of Guzman despite allegations that El Chapo fathered her two sons Ruben, and Manuel, including the youngest one, who was conceived during a prison visit.

Guzman has returned to the prison after Mexican authorities recaptured the drug lord back on January 8th in Los Mochis, a small town located in the Sinaloa state.

Sanchez has accused the federal government of orchestrating a “televised show” that implied she was, in fact, the cartel leader’s mistress.

Although the Attorney General’s Office maintains that Sanchez had only been subpoenaed to appear for questioning and was not under arrest, the manner how the federal agents executed the court order has sparked criticism among politicians.

Guadalupe Carrizoza Chaidez, the coordinator of the conservative PAN party in the Sinaloa legislature, told EFE that the manner how Sanchez taken by force by federal agents as she was leaving her home in Culiacan, on Wednesday, violated her parliamentary immunity.

Carrizoza said Sanchez was taken to the airport despite with her two sons.

Criminal defense attorney Gerardo Navarro said the federal AG’s office would probably say that she had been served a subpoena but had not been placed under arrest, “which has a more direct connotation of an accusation.”

Authorities could bring charges against the lawmaker if evidence of wrongdoing is discovered, but Sanchez must first be stripped of parliamentary immunity, he added.

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