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Leader of Mexican Mafia drug trafficking ring sentenced to 17 years in prison

January 27, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Leader of Mexican Mafia drug trafficking ring sentenced to 17 years in prison Carlos "Primo" Contreras (center), Martin (right) and (left) Juan Pablo Contreras

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A federal judge has sentenced the leader of a Mexican Mafia drug trafficking ring and his members of his family in Laredo, Texas to prison, as part of a wide-ranging indictment that included 34 defendants.

Prosecutors in the indictment charged Carlos “Primo” Contreras and his cousin Juan “Pony” Pablo Contreras, of heading a drug operation responsible for the trafficking and distribution of at least 65 pounds of heroin and other narcotics from Mexico to Laredo and other cities including Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin.

The indictment also implicated family members of “Primo” Contreras including his wife Ana Rosa Contreras, his father, Guadalupe Mario Contreras, his brother, Victor Contreras, and his cousin, Martin Contreras, who all appeared for sentencing before U.S. District Judge Diana Saldaña for sentencing.

Carlos Contreras, who pled guilty back in May 2014 to charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute less than 500 grams of cocaine, 1 kilogram or more of heroin and 50 grams or more of methamphetamine, received over 17 years in prison.

DEA agents captured the cousins negotiating the sale of kilogram-quantities worth of heroin during intercepted phone calls. Federal officials say Juan Pablo supplied the narcotics wholesale from a connection in Mexico.

According to court documents, members of the conspiracy transported shipments of heroin and cocaine and would deliver drug proceeds at the direction of Contreras.

“After Contreras received loads of heroin from Juan Pablo Contreras, (he) would have them delivered to other co-conspirators who would, in turn, sell the heroin in street-level amounts such as ounces, half ounces, and quarter ounces,” records state.

Also, Prosecutors charged Contreras and his wife Ana Rosa Contreras with using illicit drug proceeds in the purchasing of land and the construction of a two-story house in a Lakeside Subdivision worth over $300,000

His father, Guadalupe Mario Contreras received 23 years in prison. Prosecutors say at the onset of the conspiracy, he negotiated the sale of multi-kilograms of heroin and facilitated the introduction of the Mexican supplier to Juan Pablo Contreras for wholesale purchasing of the heroin.

Victor Contreras received six years received and his cousin, Martin Contreras received 81-months for their role in the drug trafficking operation.

On Monday, the judge sentenced eight other members of the drug operation including, Orlando “Orly” Gabriel Ibarra, Jose Fernando Lomeli, Eufrosina Lopez, Luis Manuel Salinas, Christopher Neil O’Bryant, Jorge Alberto Guerra, Eduardo Santa Cruz and Juan Leopoldo Arvizo.

The judge handed out sentences ranging from 1 year to six years in prison.

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