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Texas authorities indict 21 members of Barrio Azteca

January 28, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas authorities indict 21 members of Barrio Azteca

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Authorities in Texas have unsealed a criminal indictment against 21 gang members belonging to Barrio Azteca, on organized crime and drug charges.

The charges stem from a 20-month investigation conducted by the Texas Dept. of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division.

According to local media outlets, several of the prime suspects charged no longer hold membership in the gang. However, the subjects still continued criminal operations including the trafficking and distribution of cocaine and heroin.

The defendants listed in the indictment face charges of organized crime along with the manufacturing and delivery of controlled substances.

The 21 under arrest join another six already in custody. Authorities said nine others remain at large and are considered fugitives.

Initially formed as a prison gang consisting of members from El Paso, Barrio Azteca quickly expanded across the border to Ciudad Juarez and other cities in Texas.

The criminal group has maintained a strong alliance with the Juarez drug cartel. However, the DPS recently downgraded the threat posed by Barrio Azteca in its 2015 annual gang assessment.

In recent years, Barrio Azteca has lost influence in both cities, with the Sinaloa cartel take over in Juarez and had it’s operational capacity weakened with a 2014 indictment of 55 gang members.


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