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Wife of Illinois cop who staged his own death indicted on embezzlement charges

January 29, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Wife of Illinois cop who staged his own death indicted on embezzlement charges

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A grand jury has handed down an indictment for the widow of the Illinois cop who staged his suicide to look like a homicide on embezzlement charges.

Authorities in Lake County, Illinois said 51-year-old Melodie Gliniewicz surrendered to the Sheriff’s office after discovering prosecutors had charged her in connection with a scheme perpetrated by her late husband, involving the use of funds from police program for personal use.

Her husband, Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, is the veteran Fox Lake Police officer who staged his suicide on Sept 1st, 2015 to look like a murder by armed gunmen.

His death led the authorities on a furious manhunt amid fears that armed cop killers remained at large.

However, as the probe into his death continued, investigators began to suspect the officer had staged his death after discovering that Charles Joseph Gliniewicz had been stealing from a Police outreach program he oversaw aimed at reaching out to teens interested in a career in law enforcement.

Police officials say Gliniewicz used funds from the program’s account to pay for his personal benefit, including restaurant bills and a lavish trip to Hawaii.

Prosecutors say Melodie Gliniewicz served as a fiduciary adviser overseeing the program’s finances. The widow now faces charges of money laundering and disbursing charitable funds without authority and for personal benefit.

Her attorneys vehemently denied any wrong-doing in her husband’s scheme.

“Melodie is a victim of her husband’s covert action and looks forward to her day in court to show the world her innocence,” said the law firm Kelleher & Buckley.

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