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11 people killed at teen’s birthday party in the Mexican state of Guerrero

February 1, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
11 people killed at teen’s birthday party in the Mexican state of Guerrero

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Bloodshed continued in one of Mexico’s most violent states as cartel-related violence continued to plague the southern Mexican state of Guerrero on Friday after gunmen transformed a girl’s 15th birthday party into a massacre.

According to the attorney general in Mexico, armed assailants opened fire on a teen’s birthday party killing nine people on in the town of Cundancito, located in the municipality of Coyuca de Catalan, close to the border of the other strife-ridden state of Michoacan.

Two of the victims killed were minors; officials identified the other seven victims as men between the ages of 18 and 50.

Friday night’s deadly shooting increases the death toll to 25 people killed in cartel-related violence in the state over a two day period between Thursday and Saturday.


“There was a problem at a 15th birthday party, and according to the information, we have 11 people killed,” Guerrero’s governor Hector Astudillo told reporters at a news conference.

On their way to the scene of the massacre, responding officers from the Ministerial, State, and Federal Police discovered the bullet-riddled vehicle of two recently married tourists on the Federal Highway Zihuatanejo-Ciudad Altamirano.

The woman, who is identified as Lourdes Arturo Escutia Nurseries, died from fatal gunshot wounds, her husband, Valentin Garcia Salina was treated at a hospital with severe injuries.

Last week’s murders occurred despite efforts by the military, who launched an operation involving close to 4,000 soldiers along with Federal Police units aimed at quelling the out of control violence in Guerrero.

The cartel-related violence stems from an ongoing turf war between three rival criminal groups fighting for control of local drug production plazas.

The southern Mexican region known as the Tierra Caliente, which encompasses the states of Guerrero and Michoacan, has overtaken Mexico’s famous “Golden Triangle” as the prime production zone for heroin and the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

The weakening of the major cartels from arrests and infighting has lead to fragmentation into smaller more regionalized groups in the region, which Intelligence analysts predict will grow in strength in 2016.

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