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Two brawling female flight attendants force Delta flight to divert

February 2, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Two brawling female flight attendants force Delta flight to divert

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The friendly skies turned angry on board a Delta flight out of Los Angles. Reports of fist fight on board flights have been reported but never between flight attendants.

That’s what happened when a pilot had to divert a flight after two female flight attendants got into a brawl in midflight, forcing the plane to make an unscheduled landing.

According to the Aviation Herald, a disagreement over work duties sparked the melee between two flight attendants on Delta flight 2598 traveling from Los Angeles to Minneapolis back on Jan. 22.

A female passenger who tried to break up the fight ended up catching a right hook by the brawling flight attendants, who forced the captain piloting the Boeing 757 to land in Salt Lake City.

Aviation officials grounded the flight for around 80 minutes, which finally arrived in Minneapolis 75 minutes late.

The airline CEO issued travel vouchers with a letter of apology to the passengers; the letter read: “Some members of our team did not display their best behavior.  Our flight crew are expected to be nothing but courteous and professional at all times and what you experienced was far from that. The crew members’ actions in no way reflect the values and professionalism we expect from all of our employees.”

Delta has declined to comment on the mile high fight club incident.






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