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Authorities arrest three suspected cartel assassins in Juarez

February 3, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities arrest three suspected cartel assassins in Juarez

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Authorities in Mexico have arrested three reputed hitmen on the U.S. Mexico border who work for a powerful drug cartel last week.

Chihuahua state police said the men face multiple murder charges — including the killing of a former mayor last February.

Among suspected cartel killers captured included Carlos “El Charly” Nivardhy Hernandez de la Rosa, who authorities say, is a leader of a local Sinaloa cartel faction.

The Chihuahua attorney general’s office also announced the arrests of two other alleged sicarios for the cell including Daniel Andres “El Grande” Chavez Muñoz and Luis Fernando “El Tontín” Mendez Delgado.

Authorities captured all three suspects in a motel room in Juarez. Officers killed another two other associates outside of the motel after an exchange of gunfire.

The three assassins are the main suspects in five homicides in the border city of Ciudad Juárez, which is located right across the border from the town of El Paso, Texas.

Chavez and Mendez are both accused of the Feb. 24th execution of Alberto Almeida Fernandez — former mayor of Villa Ahumada, in a Sam’s Club parking lot in Juárez.

Mendez is believed to have allegedly shot Almeida Fernandez in the head before fleeing the scene, according to Chihuahua authorities.

Law enforcement officials also link the two men to the murders of David Flores Rodriguez and Oswaldo Martinez Silva inside of a restaurant back in June 2015. Chihuahua authorities tied the slayings of Rodriguez and Silva to a drug debt.

Mexican law enforcement officials accuse Hernandez in the fatal shooting at a hotel in Juarez that killed Ismael Moreno Ramos and Jesús Daniel Morales-de la Cruz and wounded a woman.

Authorities say Moreno is behind a robbery earlier that month when armed men robbed a motorcycle containing a kilo of cocaine hidden in a secret compartment.

According to information cited in a recently declassified DEA report, the Chihuahua state is considered territory under the control of the Juárez Cartel.

The Sinaloa cartel has maintained control of the city of Juárez following a bloody war against the cartel founded by ‎Amado Carrillo Fuentes known as “Lord of the Skies.”

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