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Judge gives NYC cocaine kingpin 12 years behind bars as part of plea deal

February 3, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Judge gives NYC cocaine kingpin 12 years behind bars as part of plea deal Ralph Cotto, left, and Angel Alvarez. pictured left.

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A judge has sentenced a reputed cocaine kingpin to 12½ years in prison last week.

Ralph Ben Cotto, 37, told Justice Edward McLaughlin how his rough childhood could have played a role in the wrong decisions he has made, but refused to use his upbringing as an excuse.

Cotto’s former partner Angel Alvarez, who made national headlines after he survived being shot 23 times by police officers back in 2011 at a Lenox Avenue block party during a fight with a rival, who died in the incident.

Police officers mistakenly thought Alvarez had fired shots at them, which resulted in the barrage of shots fired by cops.

Alvarez received the same plea deal by McLaughlin, who said he made the offer so his overloaded docket could be clear to hear a high number of violent crime cases. “Better for me to do the gun cases, gang warfare,” McLaughlin said at the Alvarez’s sentencing.

Authorities charged Cotto with overseeing a multi-state cocaine trafficking ring. The investigation included video surveillance of Cotto and Alvarez conducting large-scale cocaine deals.

Prosecutors indicted Cotto, Alvarez and nine other members of the operation. Before the plea agreement, Cotto had faced 15 years-to-life if convicted of the charges filed against him.

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