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Documentary accuses rap mogul P Diddy of ordering murder of rapper Tupac Shakur

February 4, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Documentary accuses rap mogul P Diddy of ordering murder of rapper Tupac Shakur

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Rap mogul, Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, is the subject of accusations by a former detective in a featured documentary, that claims he was responsible for ordering a hit on late rapper Tupac Shakur, who died in a 1996 drive-by shooting.

The shooting deaths of the California-based rapper and Brooklyn-native hip hop artist, Biggie Smalls, have been the subject of many conspiracy theories throughout the years.

At the time of Shakur’s death, rap artists from the East and West Coast were in the midst of a bitter rivalry. Biggie Smalls who’s real name is Christopher Wallace was gunned down six months later.

Retired LAPD detective Greg Kading led a special task force that investigated both shootings and in the documentary he explains how the death of Wallace, who was a close associate of P-Diddy, was a revenge killing for the hit put on Tupac Shakur.


“Murder Rap” delves into the famous murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls

The documentary, based on the book “Murder Rap,” written by Kading, puts forth the claims that Diddy paid a million dollars to Duane Keith ‘Keffe D’ Davis to assassinate both Shakur and his manager Marion Hugh ‘Suge’ Knight on September 7th, 1996 in Las Vegas.

Davis is a reputed member of the Crips street gang. Furthermore, the former detective fingers the nephew of Davis, Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson, as the person who pulled the trigger.

The documentary features a 2008 police interview, where Davis claims to have been present in a room full of his fellow Crips members when Diddy proclaimed “he’d ‘give anything for Pac and Suge Knight’s heads”.

The gang member said in the interview that afterwards Combs approached with the $1 million offer to murder Tupac and Knight.

The documentary claims Combs paid $1 million to have Tupac killed

The documentary claims Combs paid $1 million to have Tupac killed

Kading explained in the documentary how he ‘trapped’ Davis into giving up the information on the famous hit, in exchange for reduced charges for another crime he had faced.

The former L.A. cop says as revenge for Shakur’s killing Knight paid Wardell “Poochie” Fouse, a member of the rival “Bloods” gang $13,000 to kill Biggie Smalls, Combs’ best friend.

An unknown gunman shot and killed Wallace in 1997 in an SUV as he left an awards ceremony in Los Angles. Police never made any arrests in connection with either killing.

In 2006, the LAPD tapped Kading with reopening the cold case murders of both rappers after the mother of Biggie Smalls, Voletta Wallace filed a lawsuit, which accused the LAPD of a coverup in her son’s death.

The suit claimed a corrupt former cop David Mack, who served a 14-year prison term for an armed bank robbery in LA in 1997, killed her son and accused the police department of being involved in an elaborate cover-up.

Kading’s investigation eventually disapproved any police involvement in the Wallace’s slaying.

The retired detective claims in his book that P Diddy’s fame played a significant role in the LAPD dropping the Shakur’s case.

Although Kading admits his allegations are unlikely to end in anyone’s arrest, he hopes that by publishing his claims, it can “hold up in the court of public opinion.”

In 2011, P Diddy refuted the allegations in an interview with LA Weekly, blasting Kading’s claims as “pure fiction and completely ridiculous.”

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