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Texas border cop arrested for stealing marijuana out of evidence room

February 4, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas border cop arrested for stealing marijuana out of evidence room

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Authorities have arrested a Texas border police chief and one of his top deputies on an indictment that involved stealing marijuana out of police department’s evidence locker.

According to Breitbart Texas, the indictment out of the 275th State District Court formally charged Sullivan Police Chief Miguel Angel Martinez and Officer Angel De La Mora.

The charges stem from a May 2015 incident when De La Mora allegedly went into the evidence room and took an unspecified amount of marijuana while Martinez and other officers looked on.

One of those officers reported the incident to the Texas Rangers setting off an investigation into the criminal activity.

Both men appeared in court on Tuesday. Investigators say the defendants allegedly used the stolen weed for a homemade remedy for joint pain.

Martinez faces one count of theft by a public servant and two counts of abuse of official capacity. De La Mora faces one count of possession of marijuana, two counts theft by a public servant, and two counts of abuse of official capacity.

Since the Gulf cartel began using the small border city of Sullivan as one of the central corridors for the smuggling of narcotics and human trafficking activity, local law enforcement have seized regular multi-ton shipments of drugs.

However, the drug confiscations have also opened the door to corruption by several police officials, who have been implicated in illicit activity.

Texas Rangers investigating the theft of the narcotics from the evidence room conducted a raid at the Sullivan Police Department back in June 2015.

Police officials say De La Mora was the subject of previous investigations, including a 2012 probe by the internal affairs unit after fellow officers witnessed him at a local strip club sniffing cocaine.

De La Mora failed a urine drug test, and he resigned before he could be disciplined, which allowed him to maintain a clean record.

However, after Martinez became police chief, De La Mora was subsequently rehired.

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