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Suspect shoots two NYPD cops in ambush before turning gun on himself

February 5, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Suspect shoots two NYPD cops in ambush before turning gun on himself

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A suspect who vowed not to go back to prison shot two cops at a New York City housing project Thursday night before taking his life, police said.

According to authorities, the incident happened around 8 p.m. in the Melrose Houses on East 156th Street in the Bronx.

Officers Diara Cruz, 24 and Patrick Espeut, 29 encountered Malik Chavis, 23, an ex-convict with more than a dozen arrests who was just released from prison five years ago and another suspect during a routine patrol on the sixth floor in one of the building units.

The officers asked the men for identification; Chavis replied he needed to retrieve it from an apartment on the second floor.

As the two cops reached the top of the stairway landing, Chavis pulled a concealed firearm and fired three shots, hitting Cruz in the thigh and grazing the temple of Espeut.

“There were a lot of gunshots; you heard pop, pop, pop, I lost count of how many shots there were,” said 18-year-old Kendrick Joseph, who is a resident of the housing complex.

Espeut managed to fire off two rounds at the suspect but missed.


Emergency units gather near the site where two police officers were shot.

Sources said Chavis ran to the apartment of an acquaintance on the seventh floor where he reportedly said “I just shot a female cop. I am not going back to jail,” before turning the gun on himself.

Police officers who raided the apartment found the body of Chavis,’ next to a .32-caliber handgun.

Investigators also discovered a sawed-off shotgun in the apartment, sources said.

Police detained three other men for questioning; Onlookers watched as EMTs treated the officers’ injuries.

“The female officer was brought out on a stretcher first,” said Joseph said, “They ripped open her pants leg, and she was bleeding from there. It was ­really bloody.”

“The ambulance worker was telling the woman to hold her wound and to put pressure on it,” Joseph said. “The male cop was brought out on a stretcher, and his head was wrapped up in bandages covered in blood.”

Paramedics rushed both officers to Lincoln Hospital where they successfully underwent surgery late Thursday night and remain in stable condition.

“I am proud of my officers and hopeful for their speedy recovery, grateful for the many expressions of concern and support on their behalf,” Commissioner Bill Bratton tweeted.

After delivering his State of the City speech at nearby Lehman College, New York City Mayor de Blasio, rushed to the hospital.

“The officers confronted an armed assailant, but thank God in both cases, their condition is good,” the mayor said.

“We are praying for the best here, and of course, our hearts and our prayers are with their families.

“It’s another example of the dangers our officers face keeping us safe not only on the streets of New York City but in the stairwells and the hallways of our public-housing developments every single day.”

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