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Man linked to the Mexican Mafia sentenced to life in prison for murder of Texas college student

February 6, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Man linked to the Mexican Mafia sentenced to life in prison for murder of Texas college student

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A Texas judge has handed a life prison sentence to a man linked to the Mexican Mafia for the horrific stabbing death of a college student.

Christian Bautista was convicted in a San Antonio court for the December 2013 killing of 24-year-old college student Lauren Bump, who was stabbed 27 times as she jogged on New Year’s Eve.

Jurors in the 186th District Court took just 20 minutes to deliver a guilty verdict on Tuesday following a five-day trial.

The scruffy-looking Bautista often giggled and blew kisses at the female jurors over the course of the trial, prompting his attorney, Tim Molina, to acknowledge that his client “was creepy” but insisted it wasn’t illegal to act that way.

Molina tried arguing that the case was decided in social media before it was ever heard inside of a courtroom.

Witness testimony included Bexar County Deputy Medical Examiner Rajesh Kannan, who explained to the jury how Bump sustained 27 deep stab wounds across her body and from Edward Wagner, a school teacher who discovered the woman’s body along a trail through O.P. Schnabel Park on the northwest side of San Antonio.

“I thought someone was shooting a horror movie,” Wagner said on the stand, telling the court how he tried to shield his three-year-old son’s eyes from the horrific scene when realizing it was a dead body.

Both Wagner and his wife described to the jury how they were searching for picnic location when they witnessed Bautista minutes before making the gruesome discovery and joked to each other how he looked like a serial rapist because of his creepy looks.

Investigators discovered traces of Bump’s blood on the t-shirt and underwear Bautista wore at the time of the murder.

Prosecutor Mary Green argued that even without the murder weapon, evidence still warranted a conviction for Bautista.

During sentencing, prosecutors presented photos showing the tattoos covering Bautista’s chest, back, and arms to the jury, and had the meanings interpreted by gang expert Nick Rocha.

Rocha testified on the stand how Bexar County jail officials segregate prisoners based on their gang affiliation. He said the tattoos Bautista sports establishes his direct links to the Mexican Mafia, which includes the number “13” representing the letter “M,” the 13th letter of the alphabet.

Bautista also has tattooed on his shoulders the word “Soldado” which means “Soldier” on top of an Aztec warrior inked in the center of his back.

The Mexican Mafia originated in the California prison system and became prominent in the state of Texas. Authorities in the U.S. and Mexico has continued investigations aimed at dismantling the gang’s operations, which include the trafficking of narcotics and weapons.

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