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Mexican judge grants actress Kate del Castillo legal protections from arrest

February 6, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican judge grants actress Kate del Castillo legal protections from arrest

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On Friday, Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo had her petition for an injunction granted by a judge in Mexico City on Friday, that would protect her against any arrest related to an ongoing investigation into her involvement with drug lord “Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman by the Attorney General.

The 43-year-old actress filed for constitutional protections after the Mexican Attorney General (PGR) announced an investigation into money laundering allegations stemming from her encounters with the Sinaloa cartel boss.

The judge also requested information from the PGR’s investigation into the Del Castillo’s relationship with Guzman.

The Mexican-born naturalized American actress is the subject of a probe into whether she had received funds from the drug lord as an investment into her tequila company or for the production of the planned biopic on Guzman’s life story.

Del Castillo filed for a writ of Amparo last Tuesday, which is an appeals process under the Constitution of Mexico aimed at protecting one’s human rights.

The filing requested an injunction that would prevent any future arrest by Mexican authorities, claiming it would potentially violate her rights under Articles 14 and 16 the Constitution.

Del Castillo submitted further information requested by the judge further specifying on what grounds she had filed for the legal protection.

The judge gave prosecutors until next week to comply with submitting of information he requested.

Del Castillo met with Guzman while he was still on the lam after his July’s escape from the Altiplano maximum security prison outside Mexico City.

Federal prosecutors sent the actress a formal court order for her to testify as a witness stemming with her meetings with Guzman.

The PGR issued the order after Del Castillo failed to appear voluntarily for questioning by prosecutors.

However, the AG’s order can only be reinforced on Mexican soil,

Adam H. Braun, who represents the actress told reporters on Friday, his client merely showed interest in making a movie about his life and had nothing to hide.

“The allegation that Mr. Guzman invested in the tequila company (Kate represents) is entirely false, and the Mexican government knows it,” Braun proclaimed.

Del Castillo and Guzman were in constant communication through his attorneys, who she used to arrange Sean Penn’s October interview with the kingpin, and via text messages.

Guzman, who was recaptured by Mexican Marines on Jan. 8, in the town of Los Mochis, awaits extradition to the United States where he faces federal indictments out in several U.S. district courts.

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