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Former NFL player Jeremy Shockey questioned in probe of drug trafficking ring

February 7, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Former NFL player Jeremy Shockey questioned in probe of drug trafficking ring

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The FBI are targeting current and former NFL stars for possible links to an international drug trafficking and gambling ring, led by Owen Hanson, who is a former USC tight end who played under coach Pete Carroll and won a national championship in 2004.

Federal prosecutors out of San Diego charged Hanson along with three-time Superbowl-winning running back Derrick Loville and 20 others with operating a multimillion-dollar transnational organized criminal ring called ODOG Enterprise in January.

According to the New York Post, the FBI are now eying a long list of NFL, MLB, NBA stars and even police detectives who associated with Hanson. Among them include retired Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey and 49ers running back Reggie Bush, who was his old USC teammate.

FBI agents questioned Shockey at his Miami home about his long-standing friendship with Hanson and were aware that both traveled together to Costa Rica in 2010, and they would often fly between Miami and LA, where Hanson lived, to hang out.

Shockey told the feds he was unaware that his buddy was dealing cocaine or running a gambling operation.

“I was under the impression he was in the real-estate business like me,” Shockey told The Post. “I don’t hang out with drug dealers or prostitutes. I’m here with my girlfriend making out, and I get a knock on my door from these agents. I said to them, ‘Come on in. I got nothing to hide.’”

The former New York Giant tight end explained to federal investigators how he first met Hanson,  “We met when I passed out at a pool party in Vegas — from dehydration. He came to Miami all the time. I treated him like a friend. I let him stay at my house. He loved to surf. We’d go to the gym together. We went to the same parties together.

“I thought he was a very smart, nice guy. He was single. He was so cool. He was on the phone all the time. He knew everybody — DJs, celebrities. Pete Carroll knows him. Reggie Bush knows him; they were teammates at USC. This guy had money. He had cash on him all the time. But I thought it was from his business. No one knew any of this s–t was going on.”

He added, “I’m a drunk — I’m Irish. I’ve never had anything to do with drugs. And I would never do anything illegal to jeopardize what I’ve worked for.”

Shockey went on to describe how agents showed him a photograph of two men one black and one white. “One guy named Tank, I knew through Owen, but the white guy I didn’t know,” Shockey said.

The other man in the photo was supposedly Giovanni “Tank” Brandolino, one of the alleged partners of Hanson in the criminal enterprise who feds arrested in Brooklyn back in October.

Federal prosecutors charged Brandolino with sending five grams of cocaine and 15 capsules of ecstasy from Orange County California to an NFL player in Nashville, Tenn.,” back on Nov. 17, 2014, which is the day the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Titans there on “Monday Night Football.”

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney out of San Diego have refused to release the name of the NFL player.

Loville, who faces drug distribution and gambling, charges told the Post that he was a dupe.

“You have friends, people you know but I don’t necessarily investigate every aspect of their lives,  I’ll just leave it at that,” Loville said.

Shockey confirmed to agents that Hanson kept a big circle of other friends, including professional athletes such as former NBA player Dijon Thompson, a 2005 second-round pick of the New York Knicks.

The FBI began investigating Hanson after a professional gambler in Vegas who calls himself Robin Hood 702, claimed Hanson’s gang threatened him after he refused to launder $20 million in drug proceeds.

Hanson and his associates allegedly sent a DVD of a video showing a horrific Mexican drug cartel beheading video to his Santa Monica home and a picture of a man in wrestling mask with a shovel standing in front of his parents’ graves.

“I broke the case,  I know the FBI will get to the bottom of this and I believe that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should have the NFL start it’s own independent investigation of these allegations as well,” Robin Hood 702 told the newspaper.

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