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Drug lord “El Chapo” denies giving Mexican actress Kate del Castillo a dimea

February 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Drug lord “El Chapo” denies giving Mexican actress Kate del Castillo a dimea

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Imprisoned drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, is denying he ever gave Mexican Kate del Castillo, a dime and said he would be willing to testify in court on her behalf.

El Universal is reporting that Guzman told his lawyers that he never gave the actress “a single peso.”

“I see no problem with testifying, she did interview me, we only talked about a movie,” Guzman said about the now-famous interview he had with Del Castillo and actor Sean Penn that was published in Rollingstone Magazine the day after his Jan 8th recapture.

“It is a lie to suggest she received a single peso from me, I never gave her a single peso,” El Chapo said.

Authorities are keen to speak to Castillo over possible money laundering allegations stemming from her links to El Chapo.

Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez said “there are indications” that illicit drug money from the Kingpin could have been used to invest in Del Castillo’s tequila company or to fund the production of her planned biopic film portraying Guzman’s life story.

Investigators are also looking into the logistics of the meeting and if drug money was used to pay for any of the actors’ expenses.

Guzman is currently awaiting extradition to the U.S. at the Altiplano maximum security center outside Mexico City, the same prison he escaped from back in July.

Prosecutors maintained they sought to question Del Castillo only as a witness and have not charged the actress with a crime.

Castillo had vehemently denied she ever accepted money from Guzman and indicated she would be willing to speak with Mexican authorities in her adopted home of Los Angeles.

A series of text messages leading up to the October meeting suggested that the actress and Guzman had a cosy relationship.

The infamous drug lord seemed to have an infatuation with del Castillo. In the text message exchanges, he lavishes the actress with compliments about how “beautiful” she is, how Del Castillo is ‘the best in the world’, and stressed he would take care of her, “more than I care for my own eyes.”

“It makes me so emotional to hear you say that, no one has ever cared for me, thank you! Del Castillo responded.

Although Del Castillo has so far been reluctant to talk about her relationship with El Chapo, she did speak out about her involvement with Sean Penn.

The actress said through her U.S. attorney Harland Braun that she felt ‘betrayed’ and ‘used’ by the Penn and further claimed she was unaware of Penn’s plans for the Rolling Stone interview.

‘She had no idea Penn was going to write for Rolling Stone. Would you meet with El Chapo and approve of having the interview for publication?’ Braun said.

Braun said once Penn and Guzman agreed to do the article, “what was she going to do? She signed off.”

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