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Former New York Tea Party candidate charged with weapons possession

February 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Former New York Tea Party candidate charged with weapons possession

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Authorities have arrested a former New York State Senate candidate for illegally possessing an assault weapon.

According to Buffalo News, police in Nigra Falla discovered an AR-15 assault rifle, a handgun, knife and ski mask in the car of 26-year-old Gia Arnold and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Halim Johnson during a traffic stop on Wednesday night.

The mother of three previously ran for the state legislature in Lake Ontario, New York as a Tea Party candidate.

Arnold based her candidacy on a platform aimed at repealing the SAFE Act, the assault weapons measure, which she is now being prosecuted for violating.

The officer discovered the weapons after he saw a magazine clip in her passenger’s seat of her Pontiac Vibe. According to the police report, Arnold kept the AR-15 between her seat and driver’s side door and kept the handgun in the cup holder.

New York state gun laws, which would include the SAFE Act restricts ownership of semi-automatic weapons with detachable magazines including the AR-15. Gun owners are mandated to register all assault weapons with New York State Police.

Arnold dropped out of her race after she admitted to having an extramarital affair and left her husband. However, she re-entered the race and lost to Robert G. Ortt.

A Rally.org page set up for Arnold and her boyfriend, alleges that the traffic stop was unconstitutional and has raised $2,400.

The page further claimed police officers used racial profiling and accused her boyfriend, who is black, of being a drug dealer.

Jail records showed that as of Friday night Arnold had bonded out, but Johnson remained in custody.

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