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Peyton Manning accused of covering up sexual assault while in college

February 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Peyton Manning accused of covering up sexual assault while in college

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A report by the New York Daily News has put forth allegations of sexual assault that could taint the good guy image Peyton Manning and his father Archie Manning have worked so hard to build.

The report accuses both Mannings of covering up an alleged sexual assault of a female training staff member while Manning was attending the University of Tennessee.

The report by Daily News reporter Shaun King cites court documents from a 2001 lawsuit, which claims the Mannings participated in a smear campaign against the alleged victim, Dr. Jamie Nauright, who worked as an associate trainer for the football program.

The alleged sexual assault occurred back in the spring of 1996 when Manning was a sophomore.

Naughright, who has since gone on to become “a respected scholar, professor, speaker and has trained some of the best athletes in the world,” was reportedly the victim of a sexual assault by Manning during an examination.

Naughright recounted the incident, where she explains how she was examining Manning for a stress fracture in his foot when he “intentionally placed his naked butt and rectum on her face.”

Dr. Naughtright described the incident in the following terms:

Q. Let me be very clear there. It was not just his behind, his rear end, that was on your face, but his genitalia was on your face?

A. That’s correct. His gluteous Maximus, rectum, testicles and his area in between the testicles. And all that was on my face when I pushed him up and off. And it was like this and as I pushed him up to get leverage. I took my head out to push him up and off.

Q. And what, if’ anything, did Mr. Manning — withdrawn. Did you say anything or scream or as you felt this on the top of your head?

A. I pushed him off of me, and I said, “You’re an ass.”

Q. Did you yell or scream or anything like that?

A. When he turned around and looked at me with the anger in his eyes that I saw, I did not want to get confrontational with him. I could see that anger and when I looked at [another student-athlete, Malcolm] Saxon he was just shocked. He had his mouth wide open, and he was in shock. In disbelief.

Q. What did Mr. Manning say, if anything, to you after you told him he was an ass?

A. He had anger, he then just smirked and he laughed.

Within hours of the incident, Naughright reported what had taken place to the Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Knoxville.

Court documents also list a report of a previous incident that had occurred in 1994 between Naughright and Manning during his freshman year, “which would explain how Peyton Manning came to dislike Dr. Naughright, which is also relevant to the incident that took place two years later.”

Peyton Manning center, with brother Eli and father Archie Manning

Peyton Manning center, with brother Eli and father Archie Manning

Files from the 1994 incident were under seal and not included in the documents used in the report published by the Daily News, which also reveals allegations of a coverup by the University of Tennessee, who asked Naughright to leave the school after the incident had occurred.

Reports state that Manning had initially denied the incident had happened. However, associate trainer Mike Rollo, who was Naughright’s boss, claimed that Manning was mooning another athlete, identified as Malcolm Saxon.

In his deposition, Rollo conceded he was the person first to use the term mooning to describe the incident.

Once Rollo called the incident a “mooning,” Manning began using the term “with a vengeance” to describe what took place.

However, in an affidavit by Saxon, he “clearly refutes Peyton Manning’s version of events.”

Naughright said university officials pressed her to change her story to say instead the reason she would end up leaving the school was because an African-American athlete had exposed himself to her and not because of Manning’s alleged sexual assault.

The doctor said the school went as far as to give her the specific name of an African-American athlete she could blame.

Naughright left the school as part of a settlement agreement in 1997.

Furthermore, Naughright disclosed instances of intimidation, citing two incidents, where she claimed Manning reenacted the sexual assault when he saw her in the locker room. She explained how Manning proceeded to pull his pants down and sit on another athlete’s face.

Naughright said she later received a letter, addressed to “Dr. Vulgar Mouth,” that contained Xerox copies of pages from the book “Manning,” written by Peyton Manning, Archie Manning, and a ghost writer, which depicted the 1996 sexual assault that occurred between her and Manning.

In her lawsuit, the doctor alleged that the depiction of the event in the book caused her to lose her job at Florida Southern College and ruined her career working in colleges.

The documents also noted a conversation between Archie Manning and the ghostwriter, where he referred to Naughright as “kinda trashy,” had a vulgar mouth,” and spent a lot of time “out with a lot of black guys and up in the dorm.”

In a deposition given by Archie Manning, he admitted to making the comments and said they were, in fact, derogatory.

The lawsuit filed by Naughright alleged that by listing the incident in the book, Manning violated a confidentiality agreement that both she and the Super Bowl winning quarter back had signed while at the University of Tennessee.

Although the lawsuit was settled in 2003, the terms of the suit have not been disclosed. Peyton Manning has refused to comment on the report.

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