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Man charged with having sex on Vegas Ferris wheel was supposed to get married the same day

February 16, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Man charged with having sex on Vegas Ferris wheel was supposed to get married the same day

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This Vegas Ferris wheel romp that is turning into a rollercoaster.

A Houston man, who was charged with having sex aboard a Las Vegas observation wheel with a New York woman he just met, has revealed he was planning to marry another woman that very same day.

Police arrested Houston resident Philip Panzica III, 27, and Chloe Scordianos, 21, of Hicksville, New York, on felony public sex charges after they got caught on security cameras getting it on, 550 feet above the Vegas strip on the High Roller ride on Feb. 5th.

In an interview with KTNV-TV, Panzica and his now-estranged fiancée Mistie Bozant revealed that they were supposed to get married that day.

However, plans hit the rocks after Panzica discovered she was pregnant with another man’s child.

The couple spoke after Bozant posted bail for the Ferris Wheel stud.

“I do appreciate it, and I feel sorry about everything, The thing that hurts me the most is her kids. I love her babies,” ” Panzica said during the interview.

The couple stopped short of saying whether they went through with their prior plans to get hitched. Panzica didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Monday afternoon.

Bozant ironically said during the interview that she was “extremely hurt” what Panzica did, but maintained she expressed no anger towards him and admitted to paying his $3,000 bail.

“Doesn’t that show what a good heart I have?” she asked.

Panzica admitted to getting blitzed after drinking up to five margaritas at a casino and described himself as being “drunk as f—” that night when he met Scordianos, who was celebrating her 21st birthday.

Panzica and Scordianos went to the LINQ Hotel & Casino’s High Roller wheel, the world’s tallest observation wheel.

“One thing led to another. She was there by herself,” Panzica said. When asked if he knew they were going to have sex when they boarded one of the High Roller’s 28 cabins, he nodded.

“It wasn’t planned. It was just… I just felt it,” (He sure did.)

Panzica explained that he and Scordianos didn’t know the cameras were recording or that the other passengers could see them and thought an intercom telling them to knock it off was a recording.

We get up to the highest point, and we were like, ‘we’re golden!'” Panzica said.

Scordianos’ Attorney Chris Rasmussen told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that his client and other High Roller passengers have “an expectation of privacy in the individual cars.”

Both are scheduled to appear in court March 9.

Arrest records obtained by the newspaper showed the wheel’s managers may have lingering concerns of repeat performances after the incident.

LINQ executives have told Las Vegas police that public indecency has increased, “which they fear will impact the reputation and business operations.”

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