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Drug lord El Chapo Guzman claims he is being tortured in prison due to lack of sleep

February 18, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Drug lord El Chapo Guzman claims he is being tortured in prison due to lack of sleep

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The attorneys for the imprisoned leader of the Sinaloa cartel Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman claims he is “turning into a zombie” due to lack of sleep stemming from constant two-hour bed checks conducted in his cell by guards at the Altiplano prison in central Mexico.

Defense attorney Juan Pablo Badillo, who visited Guzman told Radio Formula on Tuesday that the kingpin feels like he was getting tortured and his situation is unbearable because he is getting awakened every two hours.

Another member of Guzman’s legal team Jose Luis Gonzalez Meza, made similar claims back on Jan. 24 when he said the drug lord was suffering from lack of sleep, due to the constant prison checks and because of a barking guard dog.

Mexican Marines apprehended Guzman on January 8th in the town of Los Mochis after spending six months on the lam following his July prison 11th prison escape from the same detention center, where he is currently in custody.

Badillo says the situation has worsened for his client. “I am constantly getting awakened for bed checks, please, they are turning me into a zombie, they won’t let me sleep. Please, I just want to be allowed to sleep,” Guzman told Badillo.

As for the barking dog, Badillo commented, “the dog barks less now, the poor creature is tired, he felt the infamy.”

The lawyer then demanded that officials “immediately put an end to the brutal, physical and mental torture” his client currently being subjected to at the prison.

Badillo went on to say the drug lord’s legal team “will not rest,” until Salvador Almonte Solis, who is the warden at the Altiplano gets prosecuted.

His Legal team says that the cartel leader is only allowed to meet with just one of his lawyers for 30 minutes once a week.

Badillo says that is a violation of Guzman’s constitutional right to “hire as many lawyers as he wishes and to have the direct communications needed to deal with defense matters.”

The attorney also maintained that Guzman wants to stand trial under Mexican law and not in the United States where he is wanted on multiple indictments in several U.S. District Courts.

Guzman and his partner Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada lead the Sinaloa Federation cartel also referred to as the Pacific cartel, Mexico’s oldest and most powerful criminal organization.

Intelligence reports say the Sinaloa cartel, maintains a transnational drug business empire, with a presence in 58 different countries including operational networks in the United States, Asia, the Americas Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

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