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Two U.K. teens murdered woman, posted pictures on Snapchat

February 19, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Two U.K. teens murdered woman, posted pictures on Snapchat Angela Wrightson pleaded for her life during the ferocious beating by the two teens

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Prosecutors in the U.K. have charged two British teenaged girls in the brutal killing of a 39-year-old woman on Dec. 2014, then posting the horrific pictures on Snapchat and asking the police to drive them home.

The two teenage murder suspects are standing trial for the killing of 39-year-old Angela Wrightson.

Authorities said the teen killers, who were ages 13 and 14 at the time of the murder, laughed, joked and remained in “high spirits” as a police van gave them a ride home after committing Wrightson’s slaying.

The suspects are denying killing the woman.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Wrightson had sustained over 100 injuries to her body after the teens allegedly used an array of weapons including wooden sticks, a TV set, a computer printer and a coffee table to beat the victim as she begged for her life.

Police arrested the young suspects, after Wrightson’s half-naked body was discovered at her home in Hartlepool, England.

“It became apparent that Angela Wrightson had been the victim of a sustained and brutal attack. The evidence at the scene of the crime showed she had been assaulted in 12 different locations within that room,” Campbell reportedly told the court.

One of the girls posted a picture of the two teens smiling with a battered Wrightson pictured in the background.

Prosecutors said the teens went to Wrightson’s house several times on the night of the murder, between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Campbell said during the trial “By that time at the very least, Wrightson had been fatally injured and was probably dead, and the evidence shows she may have already died before their return at 2 a.m. Only the defendants know when the violence started and when it ended, but the prosecution case is that neither has given an accurate account of what happened.”

The prosecutor continued, “Wrightson is sitting facing the camera. She is alive, but she is not smiling, and her face is marked. The quality of the image is not the greatest, but it is clear enough to show that by nine o’clock there were marks on Wrightson’s face and that they are recent.”

Wrightson had often purchased alcohol and cigarettes for teens in a known “hotspot for underage drinking,” prosecutors told the court.

“The victim complained that she was being forced into it, but she also accepted that she stood to gain cigarettes or alcohol for herself,” Campbell said.

The teens later told their friends and caregivers they attacked Wrightson because she had threatened them with a knife. They said how they had “smashed the bits” over the woman, including a TV, according to the newspaper.

“Please don’t. Stop. I’m scared,” Wrightson begged, according to the paper.

The trial is expected to last five weeks.

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