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NYC officials: Cutting of anti-terror funding by Pres. Obama is political payback for Schumer Iran vote

February 21, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
NYC officials: Cutting of anti-terror funding by Pres. Obama is political payback for Schumer Iran vote

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New York City officials on both sides of the political isle are fuming at President Obama’s decision to dramatically slash anti-terror funding for the city.

Despite the fact that ISIS on the rise and New York City remains radical extremists number one target, the President is proposing cuts would compromise New York’s security.

Obama’s actions have led the NYPD and the state’s Democratic leaders to desperately search for some rational explanation and have many accusing the administration of playing politics by claiming the cuts are directly linked to New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s opposition to the President’s Iran deal.

White House Press Secretary Josh Ernst’s response to the criticism lent credence to the argument.

“Sen. Schumer is somebody that came out and opposed the international agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. He was wrong about that position. And most Democrats agreed — disagreed with him in taking that position, and when people look at the facts here when it comes to funding for homeland security, they’ll recognize that he’s wrong this time, too.”

At a press conference on Thursday, an angry NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton responded to the White House. Bratton bluntly called the administration’s slashing of the city’s anti-terror funding, “political payback” for Sen. Schumer’s opposition vote against the President nuke deal with Iran.

“What the hell does the deal with Iran have to do with this issue? That’s politics,” New York City’s top cop said.

He added, “The White House has tipped their hand, this is clearly political payback against Senator Schumer for a vote he made a while back.”

“Playing politics with homeland security funding for the nation’s top terror target is wrong,” Bratton said. “It should have nothing to do with the issue at hand, which is the terrorism that is a constant threat to this city, by bringing that into the discussion — well, it’s politics,” Bratton said.

The White House response followed the day after Schumer appeared with Bratton and Mayor de Blasio to denounce the funding cuts.

However, Josh Earnest backed off the charge on Thursday and claimed there was no correlation between the funding cuts and the Schumer vote.

“There’s no relationship at all,” Earnest said, “the administration made a substantial investment in homeland security, not just in New York City that obviously has some unique challenges, but for the whole country.”

Ernest then charged New York hadn’t even spent the previous federal anti-terror funding it had already received.

“There’s about $600 million in funds that have been provided by the federal government that are still in the accounts maintained by the city and state of New York,” he said.

Bratton shot back by accusing Earnest and the White House of playing games.

“I don’t know anything about the state numbers. I know about my numbers. The City of New York spends every penny it gets on time. They are, to my mind, purposefully confusing their numbers,” he said.

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