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Report: Dallas Police obtained footage of Johnny Manziel domestic violence incident

February 21, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Report: Dallas Police obtained footage of Johnny Manziel domestic violence incident

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ESPN is reporting that Texas authorities have obtained video surveillance footage of the domestic abuse incident involving troubled NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel and his former girlfriend.

Dallas Police spokesman Maj. Midge Boyle indicated Saturday that the investigation into the incident could be wrapped up by next week.

Boyle said investigators have also reviewed the medical records of Colleen Crowley, who is the ex-girlfriend of Manziel.

Crowley accused the Cleveland Browns quarterback in late January of hitting her and physically dragging her into a car.

Although Police has yet to file charges against Manziel, a judge has issued Crowley a court order of protection against him.

Details of the video footage were not made available by Police. However, the ESPN report, which cites a source close to the investigation, said detectives obtained the footage of the incident from the ZaZa Hotel in Dallas, the location where Crowley alleges the assault started.

The source told ESPN that the video includes the alleged encounter at the hotel valet.

According to the report, the affidavit for the protection order claims Manziel led Crowley down a back staircase to the valet after an argument had ensued.

Crowley reportedly told the parking valet how she was “scared for my life,” that is when Manziel allegedly threw her into the passenger seat of his car.

Furthermore, Crowley accused Manziel in the affidavit of hitting her “so hard,” she suffered a temporary loss of hearing in one ear.

Although Investigators have yet to question Manziel about the incident, they have spoken to several people who witnessed the dispute.

Boyle said the lead detective who is investigating the allegations “hasn’t gotten all the facts yet,” but maintained police want to have their strongest case against Manziel before they question him.

“She’s still putting the case together,” Boyle said.

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