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Wife of drug lord El Chapo gives first interview, claims husband being harshly treated in prison

February 22, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Wife of drug lord El Chapo gives first interview, claims husband being harshly treated in prison

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The wife of Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán gave her first public interview, which aired Sunday night on Telemundo, where she told Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández her husband is slowly being tortured to death and how she fears for hi life.

Emma Coronel Aispuro, the 26-year-old former beauty queen wife, and mother to El Chapo’s twin daughters, appeared composed and soft-spoken when she expressed her concerns during the Telemundo interview.

“Of course, I am afraid for his life, she said, “they (Mexican government) want to make him pay for his escape, they (officials) claim that they are not punishing him, but of course, they are. Guards are there all the time watching him in his cell and don’t let him sleep. He has no privacy; he can’t even to go to the bathroom,” Coronel said.

She said her husband’s health has deteriorated since he was recaptured back on January 8th in the seaside town of Los Mochis by Mexican Marines, which includes developing high blood pressure.

The wife of the Nefarious leader of the Sinaloa cartel said she had filed an official complaint with Mexico’s Human Rights Commission because of her husband’s harsh confinement.

During the interview, Guzman’s wife also disputed authorites’ characteriztion of her husband as the ruthless leader of the Sinaloa cartel and described El Chapo as an attentive, respectful, loving man who she insists would never harm a woman, or force her into something she did not want to do.

“He is not violent nor rude, I have never heard him say a vulgar word or lose his temper. He is very intelligent, although he lacks formal education,” Coronel added.

She went on to refute claims made by the Mexican authorities that Guzman took a woman hostage while he was on the lam after his July 2015 prison break.

Coronel also insisted her brother had no involvement with the construction of the mile-long tunnel El Chapo used to escape out of the Altiplano maximum security detention center.

Additionally, Coronel alleged that authorities have incarcerated her father, Inés Coronel Barreras, a former high-ranking member of the Sinaloa cartel, for three years without officially charging him with any crime.

When it came to Mexican/American actress Kate del Castillo, who helped facilitate the now famous meeting between her husband and American actor Sean Penn that helped lead to Guzman’s recapture in January, she had nothing bad to say.

She told Hernandez that her husband wanted to make a film, “to tell the truth of his story, so he reached out Del Castillo.

Coronel maintained that she had nothing to be jealous about, and insisted she was an admirer of the actress, despite ongoing flirtatious text message communications the drug lord and del Castillo had exchanged.

However, when it came to the subject of Guzman’s role as a narco kingpin, Coronel claimed she knew nothing of her husband’s drug trafficking business, insisting she never saw any evidence that would suggest she was married to the leader of the ruthless Sinaloa cartel.

The woman El Chapo calls his “Reina” (queen) vowed to follow her husband if he is extradited to the United States, “I’m in love with my husband, he’s the father of my daughters, and I believe that I have already demonstrated that I will follow him anywhere,” Coronel said.


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