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2011 sworn deposition contradicts pop star Kesha’s claims of sexual assault against producer

February 26, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
2011 sworn deposition contradicts pop star Kesha’s claims of sexual assault against producer

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A recently surfaced video of a court deposition is contradicting Pop star Kesha’s allegations she was drugged and raped by ultra-successful music producer Dr. Luke.

TMZ on Tuesday posted excerpts of the 2011 sworn statement given the singer, who was the subject of a previous lawsuit along with Dr. Luke filed by her former manager, David Sonenberg.

During the one-minute snippet of the  heavily edited video, which took place at the offices of a Manhattan law firm, Kesha was asked about her past sexual involvement with Lukasz Gottwald, who goes by the name Dr. Luke.

A lawyer asked, “Have you ever have an intimate relationship with Gottwald?”

She answered “No,”

During the video testimony, Kesha, whose full name is Kesha Rose Sebert makes mention of a person named “David.”

“I don’t know what my mother said to David. I do know that Dr. Luke never made sexual advances at me,” the singer stated under oath.

She is then asked, “has Dr. Luke ever given you a roofie?”

“No,” she replied.

During the video Pebe Sebert, the mother of Kesha denies she ever heard rumors that her daughter and Dr. Luke “had a sexual relationship” or that he had “had given Kesha a date-rape drug.”

Kesha received further support on Tuesday from Lena Dunham, the star, and creator of “Girls” in a post on her site “Lenny Letter.”

“What’s happening to Kesha highlights the way that the American legal system continues to hurt women by failing to protect them from the men they identify as their abusers,” Dunham wrote.

Kesha has also received support from fellow artists including singers Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson.

Swift went as far as to donate $250,000 toward the pop star’s mounting legal bills from her ongoing court battle with Dr. Luke in California and New York.

In court documents, Kesha claimed Dr. Luke physically, sexually and verbally abused her over a ten-year period. She also accused the producer of drugging and raping her on two occasions in 2005 and 2008.

Dr. Luke has vehemently denied the rape claims and accuses Kesha of fabricating the allegations in an attempt to extort her way out her six-record deal with him and Sony, which she still needs to release four albums to fulfill her current deal. .

Last week, Kesha broke down in Manhattan Supreme Court after Justice Shirley Kornreich ruled she couldn’t break her existing deal with Dr.Luke and Sony.

The judge is expected to issue a ruling on the validity of Kesha’s sex-assault claims.

The singer’s attorney Mark Geragos said that ahead of the 2011 deposition, Luke issued threats that he would destroy Kesha’s life along with the lives of her family members if she refused to cover up his sexual assault.

Gregos added that she feared Luke was powerful enough to make good on the threat, Geragos said.

When Luke first publicized the deposition in 2014, Geragos said, “Luke’s latest legal maneuver comes as no surprise; it’s a desperate Hail Mary and a pathetic attempt to once again blame his victim.”

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