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Mexican government braces for surge in violence along border after arrest of top Gulf cartel commander

February 29, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican government braces for surge in violence along border after arrest of top Gulf cartel commander

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Law enforcement officials in Mexico are bracing for a wave of violence after the capture of a top Gulf Cartel plaza boss in the city of Monterrey over the weekend.

According to Breitbart Texas, Mexican Marines working with the country’s intelligence agency (CISEN) arrested Juan Francisco Carrizales alias “L98,” on Saturday in the Las Cumbres neighborhood of Monterrey.

Carrizales is considered a top commander of the Los Metros faction of the Gulf cartel in Reynosa Tamaulipas, and drug plaza chief in the city of Nuevo Laredo and the municipality of Diaz Ordaz.

Authorities nabbed Carrizales along with two of his top enforcers known only as “Chango and Tonka,” and seized 10 pounds of marijuana, an AR-15 rifle, and an SUV.

Officials say Carrizales is believed be responsible for igniting an ongoing internal turf war with a rival faction when he was the plaza boss in Rio Bravo.

The dispute has resulted in rolling shootouts, large scale gun battles and dozens of executions throughout the border region.

The cartel civil war started in late February of 2015 after Carrizales made a failed attempt to take over territory belonging to Angel Eduardo Prado, alias Ciclon 7, the imprisoned plaza chief in Matamoros and Valle Hermoso.

Prado led the Cyclones faction of the cartel up until his capture in late 2015 by elements of the Mexican military.

Gulf Cartel leader Julian “Comandante Toro” Loisa Salinas had Carrizales removed from Rio Bravo in an attempt to broker peace between the two factions.

Mexican officials believe the arrest of Carrizales could give rise to an escalation of violence along the border with rivals jockeying for position to take over his territory.

A Nuevo Laredo native, Carrizales started out working for the Los Zetas led by the ruthless Miguel Angel Trevino, known as Z-40, when the group was still allied with the Gulf cartel.

Since he was not an ex-military member, Los Zetas did not consider Carrizales, a full member.

After the Gulf cartel and the Zetas split in 2010, a violent war ensued over drug smuggling corridors, which saw Carrizales sent to Nuevo Laredo where he participated in multiple executions, kidnappings and the detonation of car bombs around the city.

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