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Source: Mexico offered to swap drug lord “El Chapo” Guzman for actress Kate Del Castillo with U.S. authorities

March 11, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Source: Mexico offered to swap drug lord “El Chapo” Guzman for actress Kate Del Castillo with U.S. authorities

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The New York Post is reporting that the Mexican government had previously sought to swap the leader for the Sinaloa drug cartel Joaquin ‘El Chapo Guzman with the U.S. government in return for movie actress Kate del Castillo in the days following his January 8th recapture.

A government source told the newspaper that “El Chapo” Guzmán’s escape from prison in July 2015 and his the six months on the run was embarrassment enough for the government of Mexico. But the drug lord’s meeting with Castillo and fellow actor Sean Penn had further humiliated Mexican officials.

“The government was embarrassed because officials had insisted to the U.S. authorities they had no idea where ‘El Chapo’ was,” the source said.

The source added, “but two actors from Hollywood were able to locate him and once Rolling Stone published Penn’s article they offered a swap ‘El Chapo’ for Kate because they wished to embarrass her.”

Ever since Del Castillo’s secret meeting with the drug lord and actor Sean Penn, the Mexican-born actress, who became a naturalized U.S. citizen last year, has had to deal with her share of legal troubles back in her native country.

The Attorney General’s Office in Mexico has since launched an investigation into money laundering allegations, which is seeking to discover whether Del Castillo accepted illicit drug money for either her planned biopic film about Guzmán or her tequila company.

Attorney Harland Braun, who represents the actress has said the allegations are unfounded.

A Reelz documentary set to air Thursday night dubbed: “El Chapo and Sean Penn: Bungle in the Jungle,” claims that the award-winning actor and two film producers, Fernando Sulichin and José Ibañez, who attended the meeting at a mountain top hide out in Durango, were working with director Oliver Stone in an attempt to acquire the rights to a movie about the kingpin.

Stone has vehemently denied any involvement and said that Penn had a signed an agreement with Sulichin, Ibañez, and del Castillo, giving up any rights to a film project.

Penn made no mention of the producers by name in his Rolling Stone peice about meeting Guzmán. Instead, he used the pseudonyms Espinoza and “El Alto” Garcia.

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