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Heartbroken dad defends flight attendant daughter busted for cocaine smuggling

March 28, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Heartbroken dad defends flight attendant daughter busted for cocaine smuggling

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The Jet Blue flight attendant who left two suitcases with 70 pounds of cocaine stashed inside and fled Los Angeles airport had to emotionally defend herself to her heartbroken dad.

A California judge ordered 31-year-old Marsha Gay Reynolds, remain in custody until she is extradited to Los Angeles for her an April arraignment on drug charges.

The father of the modern day Jackie Brown spoke outside of his home in Jamaica, Queens about the tearful meeting he had with his daughter before she surrendered to authorities.

“She broke down, of course, my daughter said she didn’t know what was in the luggage. I’m not in a good place right now,” the saddened father confessed.

Prosecutors say Reynolds knew exactly what she had in the suitcases and believe Reynolds had smuggled drugs in the past, only this time she panicked after TSA agents randomly picked her out at an LAX checkpoint designated for airline employees.

Reynolds, who is a former Miss Jamaica runner-up contestant and NYU track star, was on her way to catch a flight to New York’s La Guardia Airport last Friday when she dropped her suitcases with $3 million worth of cocaine stashed inside, kicked off her Gucci heels and high tailed it out of the airport, according to police.

“She knew if she dropped both [her bags and heels], she’d be able to run away more quickly,” said Marshall McClain of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association. “She was then able to hotfoot it out of the terminal, down an up escalator while barefoot, where we assume she got into a car and took off to parts unknown.”

Her longtime friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the incident comes as “nothing less than a shock.”

“She was just such an ordinary kid; I only remember her as the sweet, thoughtful, beautiful girl who was going to college, working and keeping in shape,” he said.

McClain told the Los Angeles Times he didn’t think it was Reynolds’ first rodeo.

“I don’t believe anybody would trust a mule with that amount of dope the first time out,” he said.

After Reynolds had fled the airport, she managed to catch a redeye flight to New York and hid out for a couple of days at a Hilton hotel located next to JFK Airport before surrendering to authorities Wednesday.

She now faces with possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.

Reynolds had been granted a $500,000 bail package last Thursday. However, Brooklyn Judge Viktor Pohorelsky stayed the ruling after California federal Judge Andre Birotte Jr. ordered that she remain in custody until her arraignment for the drug charge in L.A. on April 7.

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