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Utah teacher convicted for sex with students blames victims’ parents

April 9, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Utah teacher convicted for sex with students blames victims’ parents

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Brianne Altice, the former Utah High School teacher, convicted and sent to jail for having sex with three different students has placed blame for her actions on the shoulders of the victim’s parents.

The disgraced educator tried to defend her having sex with three male students in a penned handwritten letter from prison where she is serving a minimum of two years and possibly up to 30 years behind bars after pleading guilty to three counts of forcible sexual abuse.

Altice addressed a pending lawsuit filed by one of the parents by first stating she meant no “evil or malicious intent” by engaging in sex with the three high school students.

She then goes on to blasts the parents for failing to attend parent-teacher meetings at Davis High School where she taught between 2012-13 .

The 36-year-old former English teacher goes on to explain how the victim had a dysfunctional relationship with his parents, which Altice claims was the topic of private conversations between her and the victim, who is now an adult but at the time of the sexual assaults was 16 and 17-years-old.

“He (the student) came to Ms. Altice for advice on how to repair the strained relationship between himself and his parents,” she wrote.

Altice also denied allegations that she dressed provocatively while encouraging teen boys to skip class and hang out in her classroom.

She described her victim as a knight in shining armor, protecting her from other students who would often make comments such as “you’re hot” and “you’re sexy.”

The parents of the victim claimed Altice preyed on the male students with constant flirtations, hugs and passing notes along during class and maintain that the school’s faculty should have had some knowledge so they could have put an end her inappropriate behavior.

Altice responded to the parent’s complaint personally because she lacked legal funds, according to documents filed in the U.S. District Court of Utah.

“I cannot afford proper counsel to defend myself,” she wrote. “I will respond to what I can to the best of my ability.”

Altice further stated that she had never been reprimanded by the school’s administration over her attire or behavior.

In a separate response, school officials claim they never had any knowledge of Altice’s inappropriate conduct.

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