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Authorities arrest 20 members of the Mexican Mafia in Texas, seizing weapons and drugs

April 16, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities arrest 20 members of the Mexican Mafia in Texas, seizing weapons and drugs

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Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have arrested 20 reputed members of the Texas Mexican Mafia during a sweep on early Friday morning.

According to KXAN, more than 150 police officers from various agencies were involved in assisting the Seguin Police Department arrest the alleged gang members in a joint operation.

The arrests stem from an 18-month wide-ranging investigation into the Mexican Mafia. Officers raided multiple homes on Friday,  arresting 20 alleged gang members, who officials described as “treacherous” and “violent.”

Also, Police said federal and state arrest warrants were issued for several high-ranking leaders of the gang, one of who is described as a top “Lieutenant” in the organization.

Authorities spanned out across several cities in Texas, raiding homes in Guadalupe County, Houston, San Antonio, and New Braunfels, KXAN reported.

Police seized numerous weapons, almost a million dollars of narcotics including three pounds of heroin, 13 kilos of cocaine, a kilo of “crystal” methamphetamine, an undisclosed amount of marijuana along with $60,000 in cash and vehicles in the gang raid.

“We seized a significant quantity of narcotics, weapons, many guns and cash as well,” announced Seguin Police Department Deputy Chief Bruce Ure during a Friday. press conference.

He added, “When you take kilos off of these folks, it makes a significant dent and when you take cash off of these guys it makes a significant dent as well.”

The Mexican Mafia are considered a prison-based gang originating in the California prison system consisting of around 4,700 members in Texas.

Law enforcement officials say the group is involved in a slew of illicit criminal activities, including drug trafficking.

Police say the gang supplies narcotics from Austin to Houston and have deep ties inside the Texas state prison system.

Some of the suspects nabbed in the raid include:

  • Eddie Flores (aka “Lil E”), age 29, of Seguin;
  • Carlos Rios, age 45, of Live Oak, TX;
  • David Phillip Urdiales (aka “Termite”), age 37, of New Braunfels
  • Joey Mertz Gonzales (aka “Wheel Chair”), age 47, of Seguin
  • Mario Leal, age 34, of Seguin;
  • Jeffrey Ozell Sarabia (aka “Guero”), age 43, of Seguin
  • Cruz Carlos Acosta, age 36, of New Braunfels;
  • Noel Arce, age 44, of Mario, TX;
  • Mario Albert Leal, Jr. (aka “Lil Man”), age 34, of Seguin.
  • Nathan Gomez, age 34, (aka “Luck”), of Seguin;
  • Bryan Pelcastre, age 28, (aka “BP”), of Seguin;
  • Jerry Sarabia, age 32, (aka “Flaco”), of Seguin;
  • Damien Clack, age 30, of Seguin;
  • Sam Flores, age 33, (aka “Little Sammy”), of Seguin, and
  • Jose Saenz, age 41, of Seguin

Furthermore, officials said a search is underway for three additional suspects, who remain at-large, identified as Adrian Francisco “Lil A” Barbosa, 29, of New Braunfels, and Seguin residents Christopher James “Luck” Davila, 32, and John Gary “Big John” Ortiz, 30.


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