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Police arrest L.A. drug kingpin, seize $600 thousand in single dollar bills

April 28, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Police arrest L.A. drug kingpin, seize $600 thousand in single dollar bills

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Authorities in California have nabbed an alleged drug kingpin operating out of “Skid Row” section of downtown Los Angeles, an area of the city well-known for its homeless population.

Los Angeles Police arrested 48-year-old Derrick Turner, during an a predawn raid on Wednesday morning in the Cerritos neighborhood and charged him with three felony drug charges.

Additionally, an official told the L.A. Times that officers discovered $600 thousand in $1 bills and arrested another 16 suspects during the operation.

Among those arrested includes Henry Walker Chasity Jackson and Louis Bernard McAdoo, who police say, faces five felony counts as a principal suspect in Turner’s drug conspiracy.

“The fact it was $1 bills tells you a lot about his business on skid row,” LAPD Capt. Andrew Neiman told the Times.

Neiman added that the operation targeted Turner’s drug dealing network and other groups who sell narcotics to the homeless population struggle with addiction in the downtown L.A. area.

In total, police seized 13 kilograms of cocaine, 22 pounds of methamphetamine and 20 pounds of heroin along with $1.8 million in cash including the massive stash of single dollar bills.

Law enforcement officials told KABC that they initially believed Turner was armed with an AK-47, but he surrendered in his pajamas to members of the SWAT team 15 minutes after their arrival.

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