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Beheading was carried out as revenge for murder of cartel-linked attorney in Southlake

May 2, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Beheading was carried out as revenge for murder of cartel-linked attorney in Southlake

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The sister of Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa, the Mexican cartel lawyer who was gunned down in the parking lot of a Dallas suburb mall, carried out the beheading of a rival as revenge for her brother’s slaying.

The claims were made by a cooperating witness in the federal trial of two men who stand accused of stalking Guerrero Chapa in the months leading up to his May 2013 execution in Southlake, Texas.

For the second straight day, Jesus Gerardo Ledezma Campano testified against his father, Jesus Gerardo Ledezma Cepeda, and Jose Luis Cepeda-Cortes, 59, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The three men are accused of tracking Guerrero Chapa using high-tech surveillance equipment including placing a GPS tracking device on the victim’s car. The shooter and getaway driver remain at large.

Before the start of the trial, Ledezma Campano agreed to plead guilty to one of the two charges against him in return for testifying against his father and cousin.

During testimony, he said the sister of Guerrero Chapa hired someone to murder a family member of Rodolfo Villarreal Hernandez, also known as “El Gato,” a leading figure in the Beltran Leyva cartel as revenge for the slaying of her brother.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Ledezma Campano testified that Villarreal Hernandez had ordered Guerrero Chapa killed because he held the Gulf cartel lawyer responsible for his father’s murder in Mexico years earlier.

He added that the cartel capo then hired Ledezma Cepeda to locate family members of Guerrero Chapa after his sister sent a video of the relative’s decapitated head to El Gato.

Ledezma Cepeda revealed that Villarreal Hernandez and Guerrero Chapa’s families had been feuding since their childhood.

During testimony, Ledezma Campano also said Villarreal Hernandez; a former Mexican federal agent claimed to have been protected by the president of Mexico

He further stated Villarreal Hernandez and his brother would often cross into the U.S. using the special Trusted Traveler lanes, which provide expedited travel for “pre-approved, low-risk travelers,” offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Although El Gato is considered a fugitive, the U.S. government have yet to release any information about him or offered a reward for his capture.

Ledezma Campano also provided the identity of the alleged hitman who shot Guerrero Chapa and the getaway driver. He said the shooter earned the nickname, “Clorox,” because he always uses that brand of bleach to clean up after the work he did for Gato.

Furthermore, Ledezma Campano said the getaway driver is known as “Captain” because he was a captain in the Mexican police. The cooperating witness said both men worked as bodyguards of Gato.

The Trial resumes on Monday.

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