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Police in New York arrest podiatrist and his girlfriend for hiring hitman to kill wife

May 5, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Police in New York arrest podiatrist and his girlfriend for hiring hitman to kill wife

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Police have arrested a podiatrist and his girlfriend in suburban New York on charges they allegedly conspired to hire a hitman to kill his wife.

According to the New York Daily News, police arrested 42-year-old Ira Bernstein and 36-year-old Kelly Myzner Gribeluk on charges of conspiracy and solicitation charges.

Additionally, police said the pair allegedly also hired goons to beat up insurance agents who had been probing his medical practice, according to authorities.

Ramapo Town Police said the investigation into the allegations against the couple began last month when a purported hitman alerted police about the couple’s plot to murder Bernstein’s wife, whom he is currently in the process of divorcing.

Police officials said at a Tuesday press conference that the cooperating witness told investigators that both suspects offered to pay to have him kill the woman and stage the murder to look like an accident, so he could claim the insurance money from her death, lohud.com reported.

“The murder was to appear accidental, for financial gain, because of a possible pending divorce,” said Ramapo Detective Lt. Mark Emma

The informant had further to authorities how the pair wanted to arrange to have two United Healthcare investigators “roughed up,” who had been investigating Bernstein’s practice over the litigation.

Authorities said the private investigators had discovered evidence of possible fraud and intended to refer Bornstein’s case to the District Attorney’s Office for criminal charges.

Police arranged a sting operation that involved having makeup artists dress the pair of investigators to look as if they had been the victims of an assault. Detectives then snapped photos of the fake injuries and sent the informant to the couple with photographic evidence showing the attack they had paid for was carried out.

A judge set bail for Berstein and Gribeluk at $600 thousand each during their arraignment on Tuesday afternoon.

After the court proceeding, the doctor’s attorney refuted the allegations to reporters and said his client looked forward to being vindicated of all charges. Gribeluk’s lawyer said his client lacked the financial means to secure a bail package.

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