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Bank robber who left trail of cash sentenced to 15 years in prison

May 6, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Bank robber who left trail of cash sentenced to 15 years in prison

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A bank robber who police say left a trail of cash as he ran has pleaded guilty in St. Louis County Circuit Court. He was sentenced Wednesday to 15 years in prison.

Cameron A. Boddie, 41, of Dellwood, dropped thousands of dollars worth of bills as he fled a Commerce Bank on Delmar Boulevard in University City on Feb. 25, 2015.

Police used tracking dogs and found cash dropped on a sidewalk, on streets and in a stairwell. They tracked the robber to Clayton, where officers made an arrest near an underground parking garage. Police say the robber had only about $100 in $1 bills left.

Police say Boddie confessed to robbing the bank and told police he dropped bills as he ran because it was “too much.” When he robbed the teller, he had handed a note that read: “All the money. Don’t do anything dumb or U won’t make it home. No game.”

Boddie lives in the 10100 block of Jett Drive in Dellwood.

Court records show that on Wednesday, Boddie was sentenced to 15 years in a blind plea. Circuit Court Judge Joseph L. Walsh III ran the sentence concurrently with a 12-year sentence handed down for robbery and a 5-year sentence for theft of a credit card in St. Louis County. Those crimes happened a few days before the University City robbery.

Boddie has a 1998 conviction for robbery and armed criminal action in St. Louis County. State prison officials say Boddie’s 10-year prison sentence for the earlier conviction put him in prison from February 1998 until his parole in January 2005. He violated parole and was sent back to prison in August 2006. He was released in April 2007.

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