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Texas jury convict Houston man in prom night death of girlfriend

May 6, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas jury convict Houston man in prom night death of girlfriend

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A Texas jury has convicted a 20-year-old man in the prom night death of his girlfriend inside a Houston hotel room back in 2014.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a jury found Eddie Herrera guilty of aggravated assault in the death of 17-year-old Jacqueline Gomez and subsequently sentenced to 25-years in prison.

During the trial, prosecutors explained how Herrera rented a hotel room and obtained prescription painkillers along with two bottles of whiskey with the help of his mother.

“You’re going to learn about the web of lies and deceit propagated by Eddie Herrera and his mother, Melissa Martinez, who handed out ten hydrocodone pills each and set them up for one heck of a fantastic prom night,” prosecutor Justin Wood told the jury.

Wood explained how Herrera and Martinez planned his prom night, which included calling Gomez’s mother so the young couple would be able to spend the night together.

Everything went as planned. However, the following morning Herrera woke up after a night of hard partying and discovered Gomez laying dead beside him.

Prosecutors said Herrera called his mother, who helped him dress Gomez’s body before calling 911, The Houston Chronicle reported.

Emergency responders pronounced Gomez dead at the hotel. Autopsy results showed she had a blood-alcohol level was .26, more than three times the legal limit to drive and detected hydrocodone in her system.

The paramedic who arrived on the scene testified that he “was not able to make a decision at this time whether this was a natural death.”

Furthermore, Gomez’s neck showed bruising, which Herrera claimed was from consensual rough sex the couple had that night.

Medical examiners said testing results to determine whether Gomez’s death was caused by an overdose or choking were inconclusive.

Authorities didn’t charge Herrera at first but statements made to investigators when he was questioned six months later were deemed inconsistent.

“Ultimately we hope to prove that Herrera was responsible for the choking that contributed to her death and to get justice for Jackie,” Wood said.

Also, police also arrested Martinez on charges of supplying the teens with booze and painkillers along with tampering with evidence by dressing Gomez after she died.

“Parents just have got to play their role and play the parent,” Wood said. “You can facilitate having a lovely time at prom without going to these lengths.”

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