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500 pound Bronx gun runner weighing up 20-year plea deal

May 7, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
500 pound Bronx gun runner weighing up 20-year plea deal

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A “heavy hitting” 500-pound gun runner and purported gang leader in the Bronx, New York is weighing up a 20-year plea deal for his involvement in a weapons trafficking indictment.

According to the New York Daily News, William “Wobbles” Soler, a reputed leader of an East Coast sect of the Bloods, was busted selling 93 assault weapons to undercover cops.

Soler appeared in court Friday for a regular appearance. The only problem is, court appearances for “Wobbles” are hardly routine.

The hefty Bronx man had to use a freight elevator to be brought up to the sixth-floor courtroom because his supersized wheelchair is too big to fit through the elevators at the Bronx Court House.

The court proceeding had to be delayed when the heavy set gangster couldn’t fit through the entrance of the well and instead had to enter through the main door of the courtroom flanked by seven court officers.

Once inside, “Wobbles” ¬†looked uninterested as he appeared before Judge Martin Marcus with his right hand handcuffed to his wheelchair wearing a gray sweater, gray sweatpants, and black Velcro shoes.

The 33-year-old sat in his double-wide wheelchair between photographers and reporters, who were sitting on the front benches as his lawyers had a meeting with the prosecutor and Marcus in the judge’s chamber.

The wheelchair is so big; another judge previously referred to it as a “love seat on wheels.”

Soler’s lawyer Brian Sullivan refused to comment on whether or not his client will accept a 20-year plea deal offered to him last June. If convicted at trial, he faces up to 25 years behind bars.

He was arrested last year along with nine other alleged gang members.

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