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President Obama grants clemency to Dallas-area drug dealer

May 9, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
President Obama grants clemency to Dallas-area drug dealer The Obama administration on Thursday, May 5, 2016, commuted the prison sentences of 58 federal convicts, including 18 who were given life sentences. The action is part of a broader effort to ease punishments for nonviolent drug offenders. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

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The Obama Administration has recently commuted the 37-year prison sentence of a convicted Dallas drug dealer along with other 58 federal drug-related felons, The Dallas Morning News reported.

According to an appeal, a judge sentenced Wayland Wilson to 37 years back in 1993 for a conspiracy drug charge, along with possession and intent to distribute crack cocaine, cocaine, and marijuana.

Despite being Wilson’s first offense, federal guidelines at the time mandated the judge to issue the 37-year prison term KTVT-TV reports.

However, Wilson is now scheduled to be released Sept. 2 after last Thursday’s actions by the Obama Administration.

“I knew his case would be reviewed, but I didn’t think this quickly. But Thursday, I got a call from the Pardon Office in Washington, D.C., telling me President Obama had commuted his sentence,” Wilson’s attorney Brittany Byrd told the station.

“It’s an incredible feeling. I am overjoyed for him and the thought of him being reunited with his mom and children, after spending two decades in prison for a nonviolent drug offense.”

Court records show Wilson and his brother invested, and laundered drug money was invested and laundered as part-owners in a car dealership called Motor Market Unlimited.

Wilson’s attorneys argued in multiple appeals that he operated a marijuana dealing operation out of the business, but not cocaine.

However, federal prosecutors accused Wilson along with other co-defendants of cooking crack cocaine and after his arrest, he admitted to being involved in a drug trafficking ring operated out the car dealership.

Last week’s actions are part of a broad effort by the Obama administration to reform the criminal justice system, The Associated Press reported.

Out of the fifty-eight convicted drug felons, 18 were handed life sentences, many of who had already served decades in prison.

To date, President Barack Obama has granted clemency to 306 people.

“It just makes no sense for a nonviolent drug offender to serve twenty years, or in some cases, life, in prison,” President Obama said, before adding, “An excessive punishment like that doesn’t fit the crime. It doesn’t serve taxpayers, and it’s not making us any safer.”

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