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Gunmen execute local government official in the strife-ridden Mexican state of Guerrero

May 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Gunmen execute local government official in the strife-ridden Mexican state of Guerrero

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Gunmen in Mexico have assassinated a local government official in the strife-ridden state Guerrero on Thursday.

According to Proceso Magazine, hitmen executed Miguel Andraca Eligio,  the director of the Municipal Government for the City of Chilapa de Alvarez at a packed restaurant.

State police officials said on Friday, Andraca Eligio was having dinner at a local eatery when two gunmen stormed the establishment and opened fire killing the government official in front of stunned witnesses.

The attack occurred just one block from where Jesus Parra Garcia, the mayor of Chilapa de Alvarez hosted a Teachers Day celebration in the city’s square with the protection of federal and local agents.

Andraca Eligio was the one-time legal adviser of Francisco González García, to the former PRI mayor of Chilapa de Alvarez who has been accused of having ties to the leader of a local drug cartel called Los Rojos.

The southwestern Guererro state is located in the Tierra Caliente Region, where the landscape provides ideal conditions for poppy cultivation.

At least 60 percent of all the heroin produced in Mexico now comes from the remote region, which has also given Guerrero the highest murder rate in the country. More than a half-dozen cartels have engaged in bloody turf wars for control of valuable production centers and vital smuggling corridors.

The spiraling violence in Guerrero has prompted the U.S. State Dept. in April to issue a travel alert, warning American citizens to avoid all non-essential travel throughout the state.

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