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Cartel hitmen execute three men in tourist area in Acapulco

May 15, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Cartel hitmen execute three men in tourist area in Acapulco

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Drug-related violence has once again inflicted the strife-ridden resort city of Acapulco after gunmen executed three men in broad daylight, Mexican authorities said on Saturday.

The Guerrero state prosecutor’s office said the victims identified as 27-yer-old Marco Antonio Acosta Morales, along with Luis Miguel Rojas Gómez, and Marco Olegario Quintana Peláez, both 21, were gunned down on a street located just off the beach in the tourist center.

Police officials said no other injuries were reported in the attack. Investigators collected nine bullet casings of 45mm and 9mm calibers near the crime scene, according to the Daily Mail.


State officials have not yet revealed a motive. Activities resumed after the shooting, the prosecutor’s office said.

A wave of drug-related violence stemming from a brutal turf war between two rival drug cartels has transformed Acapulco into the fourth most dangerous city in the world.

As JammedUp News reported, cartel sicarios, otherwise known as hitmen, assassinated a local government municipal official last week in the city of Chilapa de Alvarez.

Authorities said that the gunmen stormed a packed restaurant and executed Miguel Andraca Eligio, the director of the Municipal Government for Chilapa de Alvarez in front of numerous witnesses.


State law enforcement officials said the suspects fled the scene and so far no arrests have been made.
Guererro is located in the Tierra Caliente Region, where 60 percent of all heroin produced in Mexico now comes from the remote region, which has also given Guerrero the highest murder rate in the country.

More than a half-dozen cartels have engaged in bloody turf wars for control of valuable production centers and vital smuggling corridors.

The spiraling violence in Guerrero has prompted the U.S. State Dept. in April to issue a travel alert, warning American citizens to avoid all non-essential travel throughout the state.

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