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Grand jury refuses to indict Texas cop for shooting of naked teen

May 18, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Grand jury refuses to indict Texas cop for shooting of naked teen

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A Texas grand jury decided against indicting a former Austin police officer for the February shooting death of a black unarmed 17-year-old teen, District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg announced on Tuesday.

Police officer Geoffrey Freeman fatally shot David Joseph, 17, on Feb. 8th, after the teen refused orders to stop and charged at Freeman.

Lehmberg said that jurors heard testimony from 12 witnesses, including Officer Geoffrey Freeman over a five day period before reaching their decision.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo fired Freeman in March following the incident citing a violation of department policy in the shooting.

Attorneys for the former officer said their client feared for his life.

Freeman responded to reports of one person chasing another at an Austin apartment complex when he discovered a naked Joseph, who charged the officer.

The toxicology report revealed Joseph had marijuana, Alprazolam (which the family attorney says was Xanax) and Promethazine (which is a histamine), in his system.

Joseph’s family expressed their disappointment in a statement released by their attorney Jeff Edwards following news of grand jury’s failure to indict Freeman.

“Failing to secure an indictment when a police officer shoots and kills an unarmed, skinny, naked teenager when the officer outweighed by over 100 pounds, is a failure of will by the district attorney and calls into question the entire grand jury process in cases involving police misconduct. Today is a sad day for justice,” Edwards said.

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