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Georgia Police use tasers on parents after fight breaks out at graduation

May 23, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Georgia Police use tasers on parents after fight breaks out at graduation stun gun footage - dw.jpg

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Angry parents at a high school Georgia graduation were tasered by police after fights broke out because they were told they weren’t allowed to attend their children’s graduation.

Inclement weather forced Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Georgia to move their ceremony indoors. Because the graduation was going to take place in the gymnasium, limited space caused school officials to inform parents and family members attending the graduation that they wouldn’t be able to watch their loved ones graduate. One parent, Chet Boykin, was not permitted into the ceremony even though he arrived at the school two hours early,

According to the Daily Mail Online, school police officers were forced to get involved once fights started to erupt, one officer reportedly even used a stun gun on a parent, utterly horrifying everyone who watched.

 In an interview for WSB-TV, Janelle Carter, a parent whose child attended Tri-Cities High School said, ‘It was pushing and shoving, and don’t push me, don’t push, next thing you know, swings, arms, fists.’  Another parent, Wajeedah Price, added ‘This is ridiculous. This is a once in a lifetime moment, and we can’t see our kids graduate.’

 In a statement to Daily Mail Online, Susan Hales from the Fulton County School District said:

“Traditionally, graduation ceremonies at Tri-Cities have drawn about 3,500 guests in attendance; the school gym has a capacity of 2,400 and two additional viewing areas were arranged with large AV screens and speakers. The two viewing areas combined had the capacity for around 1,400 people – bringing the total seating to about 3,800.”

 Harris added, “we’re still determining why some guests did not gain entry as there should have been space.

“I can confirm that there was an arrest for disorderly conduct when an individual became physically combative with a police officer and was not following his safety directives. A taser was used on that individual and he was arrested.”

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