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Mexican Marines speak out at brass over lack of support in fight against cartels

May 23, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican Marines speak out at brass over lack of support in fight against cartels

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Members of the Mexican Marines, the most efficient force in Mexico combating the drug cartels, are voicing their frustrations at government bureaucrats who they say are holding them back in the fight against drug cartels.

Having trained extensively with U.S. Northern Command, the Mexican Marines have become the elite force in the drug war working closely with American agents.

Over the past decade, the Marines are credited with significant cocaine seizures and have dismantled numerous methamphetamine labs. They have also killed and arrested well over a dozen top drug lords including twice capturing Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, the most recent occurring in January.

“The Marines are more college educated than the regular soldiers and have better intelligence, which can lead to more surgical operations,” said Mike Vigil, the former head of international operations for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), who has previously worked with the Mexican marines as a security consultant.

However, many now are speaking out about a lack of action by Mexican Naval officers after four Marines were recently kidnaped and tortured while another was murdered at the hands of the Gulf Cartel in the state of Tamaulipas.

According to Breitbart News, the four soldiers, all of which were members of the Mexican Navy intelligence unit, were hunted down by Gulf Cartel members in the city of Tampico.

Some individuals within the Mexican Navy privately voiced their frustrations to Breitbart News over the lack of response to the killing of their comrades and felt they are being held back by top brass, who are showing an unwillingness to fight the cartels.

Additionally, the Marines are angered over the removal of a profile leader who has become the scourge of drug traffickers, Erick “El Marino Loko” or “The Hammer or Sr. Thor” Morales Guevara.

The commander, who also carries a small mallet on his tactical vest to identify himself as Thor, has gained notoriety after leaked images surfaced showing him humiliating captured cartel bosses.

El Marino Loko would force the detained suspects to dress in ladies lingerie while forcing them to entertain his fellow Marines by having them kiss and dance with each other.

Aside from angering the cartels, “Marino Loko” which stands for “Crazy Marine”, and his unit’s effective tactics against the Gulf Cartel in Tampico has resulted in significant seizures and arrests of several high-ranking figures along with the seizures of narcotics shipments and weapons caches in the past two months.

The military unit has also gathered vital intelligence that uncovered political leaders whose campaigns have been funded by the Gulf Cartel.

Despite his successes, Marino Loko has been removed from Tampico by the Navy’s top brass after the Gulf Cartel left a banner publicly accusing him of corruption.

His supporters maintain that it was a deliberate ploy to get rid of Morales Guevara from the area because he was such a nuisance to the criminal organization.

The Marines said the Navy has not launched significant operations against organized crime in the region ever since their comrade’s removal from Tampico.

Although Marino Loko has been removed, he and his unit laid the groundwork for Federal and state police units to arrest leading figures such as Silvestre “R1 or Chive” Haro Rodriguez, and his brother Marco Antonio “R2” Haro Rodriguez; who inherited command of the criminal organization.

The leaked images of the Hammer’s handy work come at a time when Mexican authorities have drawn criticism from news outlets in that country over allegations of harsh treatment of cartel members.

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