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Violence explodes in Mexican Gulf state as six people are executed in Veracruz nightclubs, same day cartel hitmen raid church

May 23, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Violence explodes in Mexican Gulf state as six people are executed in Veracruz nightclubs, same day cartel hitmen raid church

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Gunmen have killed six people in two separate attacks at nightclubs in the Mexican state of Veracruz on Saturday night, officials said.

According to Proceso, at least three gunmen opened fire from a D.J. booth at the La Madame club, in the city of Xalapa, killing four men sitting at a table, all of whom are said to be younger than 25 years-old. At least twelve more people were wounded in the shooting at the club.

Additionally, police killed two armed men in a shootout at a nightclub in the city of Orizaba. One of the men is identified as Luis Alberto Carrera Rodriguez, alias “El Negro,” a dangerous organized crime figure or “Blackie,” identified as a former plaza boss of the ruthless Zetas.

Authorities said four other people were injured in the gun battle and arrested four others.

Earlier on Saturday, a group of masked gunmen stormed the Church of Santa Rita in Xalapa, that was packed with families who had gathered for a confirmation and kidnapped an organized crime figure linked with Los Zetas identified as Agustin Urena Estrada also known as “El Chango.”

Witnesses said the man was accompanied by his wife, his mother, and children when the four armed men stormed the church, took him hostage before fleeing in two SUVs.

Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte had tweeted that security forces were working on finding the Estrada.

Prior to the abduction, authorities discovered the severed head of a taxi driver also in Xalapa. His head was left on his taxi along with a message warning, “This is what will happen with all those who betray us.” The message also warned Ureña he was next, as well as his relative Ramirez Estrada, among two more and was signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which also calls itself the Group of Zeta Killers.

According to reports, Urena is the nephew of Juan Ramirez Ureña, alias “El Caribe,” the Los Zetas plaza boss in Xalapa.

Since 2010, violence had surged in energy-rich Veracruz after the Los Zetas drug cartel took control of drug trafficking and other organized criminal activities in the state, where it has maintained a war on the media, transforming the region into one of the most dangerous for journalists to work.

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