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Pawn Stars’ Chumlee accepts plea deal avoiding prison time

May 24, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Pawn Stars’ Chumlee accepts plea deal avoiding prison time

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A reality TV star took a plea deal to avoid jail time for possession of guns and drugs at his home in Las Vegas.

Austin Lee Russell, also referred to as Chumlee in the reality show Pawn Stars, will reportedly plead guilty to the charges against him from his arrest on March 9th, in hopes of receiving probation and counseling instead of jail time.

If Russell can remain out of trouble until 2019, his felony weapons charge would be dropped, leaving Russell with only a misdemeanor on his record.

According to the Daily Mail, if Russell fails to enter a guilty plea, he faces up to five years prison for possession of weapons.

The Daily Mail has reported that Russell and his legal team are due back in Clark Country District Court on June 1st to enter Russell’s pleas.

A spokesperson from A&E and the History Channel said that Russell’s status on the famous show remains the same.

On March 9th, the 33-year-old was administered a warrant having to do with sexual assault. While Russell was detained, police discovered a collection of weapons along with marijuana, antidepressants, and a small amount of methamphetamine.

No charges have been filed for the sexual assault accusation, and Russell was let go.

Prosecutor, James Sweetin, has yet to release a statement regarding the case.

It is also unclear what type of counseling Russell will be required to undergo as a part of his plea deal. However, a Las Vegas social worker, John Pacult, was cited in the plea agreement. Although Pacult has not commented on the case, his website notes that one of his areas of expertise entails providing counseling for sex offenders.

If Russell takes the plea, he will be required to surrender the drugs and guns that police reportedly seized during the March 9th arrest.

Among the weapons found were handguns, a shotgun, and a number of assault-style weapons, some of which were not registered. In addition to the firearms, approximately 5 ounces of marijuana were discovered in Russell’s home. Police also found Xanax and some methamphetamine.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Russell’s lawyer David Chesnoff noted that “the weapons were not there for any criminal purpose.”

Chesnoff went on to state that his client “recognizes that the possession and use of marijuana are prohibited by the law…”

Initially, Russell was taken into custody on 19 drug possession charges and one charge of possessing a gun. Russell was subsequently released on $62,000 bail.

Russell rose to reality TV stardom when a show documenting the daily life inside the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas premiered on the History Channel in 2009.

Although the show is not currently in production, Russell remains an employee of the famous pawn shop.

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau arrested Malki on Sunday, charging him with official misconduct, a misdemeanor. He was arraigned Monday in Bronx Criminal Court and released on his own recognizance.

Malki is suspended and has surrendered his shield and gun, NYPD officials said.

His Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association-appointed lawyer, Seema Iyer, declined comment.

But Malki’s mother, Jacqueline, said she didn’t believe the allegations against her son, showing off photos of him at his NYPD graduation, where he stood next to former Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

“The girl is not telling the truth. When he asked her if she was in the gang, she said she wasn’t. He didn’t know it when they started going out,” she told the Daily News at her home Monday. “I don’t believe this.”

Her comments were cut short when an enraged Malki appeared.

“No comment. Get out of my house and never come back!” he yelled.

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