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Casey Anthony’s attorney knew she killed daughter: Private investigator

May 26, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Casey Anthony’s attorney knew she killed daughter: Private investigator

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Approximately five years after Casey Anthony was cleared of the murder of her young toddler Caylee, private investigator, Dominic Casey, has revealed that Casey’s attorney admitted that she killed her daughter and tried to hide her body, Fox News reported.

The astounding new claim has surfaced from public court documents in Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy case. The P.I. also inferred that Casey Anthony’s lawyer was compensated with sex because she couldn’t afford her legal fees.

In a shocking statement, Dominic Casey said “I arrived at Baez’s office unexpectedly one day and once again, witnessed a naked Casey…Casey told me she had to do what Jose said because she had no money for her defense.”

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, reportedly hired the private investigator just days after her initial arrest in 2008.

In a statement, Dominic Casey said: “Baez had told me that Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped the body somewhere and, he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did.”

Little Caylee’s body was found in the woods near her grandparents’ residence. The private investigator also alleged that before Caylee’s body was found, Casey Anthony permitted her legal team to try and frame Ray Kronk, the meter reader who found the child’s remains.

Dominic Casey subsequently quit from his position with the legal team in October 2008.

At trial, the young mom was charged with lying to police but was found innocent of the murder. She then filed for bankruptcy a few years later in 2013.

Neither the Anthony family nor Baez has released a comment.

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