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Brutal murder of young Houston girl was the result of father’s drug dealing: Police

May 27, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Brutal murder of young Houston girl was the result of father’s drug dealing: Police Cops said Coronado was smuggling cocaine from Laredo, Mexico, to Houston with the murder suspect Jose Solis Jr (left)

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The gruesome murder of a young Houston teenage girl, who was found shot and burned days after she was reported missing back in March, was the result of her father’s extensive experience with cocaine smuggling, police have indicated.

Authorities revealed that Cesar Coronado, the father of 14-year-old Adriana Coronado, was also shot numerous times and had his remains burned, worked with Jose Solis Jr., the current suspect in the case, in smuggling large amounts of drugs from Mexico to Houston.

According to investigators, Solis exhibited suspicious behavior after police detained a bus transporting approximately 16kg of cocaine. Coronado was also busted trying to cross the border with 48,000 dollars.

Police also have reason to believe that she was sexually assaulted, then was forced to witness the murder of her father, before she ultimately was slain.

ABC13 uncovered an affidavit that executed a search warrant in Solis’ home. The documents also report that police found a bloody shoe and footprint when searching Coronado’s home, along with a subpoena previously issued to Solis.

In Solis’ home, authorities seized a myriad of guns, drugs, and cash. However, it is unclear whether direct evidence was found linking Solis to the homicides. Nonetheless, Solis is being detained as a person of interest.

Cesar Coronado and Adriana were last seen on March 12th. The next day, concerned friends and family launched a search party in efforts to find the father and daughter. Coronado’s badly shot and burned body was soon found the next day, approximately 100 miles from where he was last seen. Authorities then issued an amber alert warning the public that she was in “grave danger.” However, the young girl’s remains were found on March 16th.

According to the Daily Mail, it took authorities three days to identify her fingerprints because of the terrible condition of the body. Police have reported that the same firearm was used to murder both Coronado and his daughter, but it is unclear if the weapon has been found.

In a statement, Juan Guerra, Solis’ attorney, said: We ask the public to reserve judgment until all the evidence has been collected and evaluated. This case is still a very active and ongoing investigation.”

“Mr. Solis, being named a person of interest, does not mean that he is involved in the planning, carrying out, or tampering of evidence,” Guerra further noted.

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