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Florida school officials discipline sixteen students after having sex with female student in bathroom stall

May 27, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Florida school officials discipline sixteen students after having sex with female student in bathroom stall

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Officials have disciplined sixteen students involved in a sex scandal at a southwest Florida high school

On Wednesday, Lee County School District spokeswoman Amity Chandler said that the severity of punishment varied but didn’t release any further details.

According to ABC13, The disciplining of the students stemmed from a May 17th incident that occurred after school hours involving multiple male students who had engaged in sexual activity with a 15-year-old female student inside the high school restroom.

Chandler revealed that at the time of the incident, there were adults in the hallway outside the bathroom and said there were significantly less than the 25 initially reported who were directly involved in the situation.

“Not every young man who entered the bathroom engaged in sexual activity,” she said.

She also indicated that no additional disciplinary actions were pending.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation into a cellphone video of the incident.

“We are looking into a video that has surfaced,” Lt. Jeff Dektas, public information officer for the LCSO, said.”We’re just investigating it like any other case.”

Dektas didn’t say if investigators had obtained the video or had computer screen shots taken from the cell phone. The video was posted on social media but then was immediately removed.

Furthermore,  the Florida Department of Children and Families is also involved in the case.

“We are … investigating the concerning incident that took place at South Fort Myers High School. We are working in conjunction with local authorities, but our investigation is the welfare and safety of the children involved,” spokeswoman Natalie Harrell confirmed in a statement.

The incident was reported by the school’s Principal Melissa Layner on May 17th to the sheriff’s office’s school-based deputy, Jarrod Cantrell.

Cantrell “observed 25 male students, on video footage that was taken from hallway cameras, go inside the restroom over the time frame of the female being inside the restroom,” an LCSO report stated.

The female student admitted to Layner “that she had sex with a number of willing males.”

The video clips reportedly show several young boys engaging in sexual acts with a female in a restroom stall.

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